MOBO UNSUNG 2014: Our ‘On The Hotlist’ Special

Some of them I’ve already written about. The majority of them mentioned here are actually now on the final list. This post was written in the wake of the shortlist.


Man! So many upcoming emerging artists out there that are young, fresh and have the music edge to become big. We’ve selected a few for our ‘On The Hotlist’ Special. If some of them don’t get mentioned here, then watch out for our ‘On The Hotlist’ posts. We also use this opportunity  to tell our readers follow us! We are currently on the rise so please be patient. We are watching… Let’s go to our favourites from this amazing 20 Unsung shortlist.

MIC Lowry

Who are they: They came to London last year to perform at I LUV LIVE and competed for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball 2014 list.

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Nicki Minaj’s Controversial “Anaconda” Cover: Does It Scream Powerful, Independent Or Sexual Envoy In Modern Hip Hop?

First the front. Now the back! Now men can have fantasies of what it’ll be like to have a grab of Nicki Minaj’s artificial outrageous booty.


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Music Monday: Jessica Agombar’s LIfe After Parade – New Solo Artist On The Music Block


Fast forward from life after girl group Parade…

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The battle has commenced.

Black people are going head to head against the racism confusion by the people who orchestrated it in the first place. Starting their first battleground to equal liberation of justice is music.

As referenced to by a few writers reporting the subliminal slow whitewashing of Black music and culture, we can conclude that THIS IS HAPPENING. Take that breaking news than watching a celebrity’s sex tape.

Meanwhile, many Black folks are deluded into the silly things of reality shows that continue to play on our stupidity. Afterall, they can afford to buy the fashion but can’t have a constructive conversation, without blows, guns and pulling of weaves. I mean my people, do you really need to drown yourself into the propaganda of  ‘ratchetness’ and gossip?

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