Rihanna Elevates Her Fashion Icon Status By Modelling With Legendary Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Iman

Watch out my personal post about the Rise of the Rihanna Fashion Empire. I’ll write it. Promise.


The  love between music and fashion has been a long committed marriage. Inseparable and intertwined. With Rihanna having sights on her own fashion empire (after trademarking her planned brands under Fenty), the singer has advanced her fashion status by modelling with two of the legendary models of our time, Iman and Naomi Campbell.

Iman became the first ever Black female model to conquer the high fashion scene and the first to create make-up for women of colour. Her entrepreneurial move to create an beauty range for ethnic women has opened the door to a new make-up market that targets women with different complexions  external from the European. With extensive research, her foundations and range has allowed many women of different ethnicities to also look beautiful. Just think of Sleek, MAC and BlackUp.

Naomi Campbell has become the popular mentor for television show “The Face”. Not only in the UK…

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Teen Choice Awards 2014: A K GO GO LOWDOWN

Missed me my sass-to-class readers?

I know I know, I’ve committed a serious violation of not putting up blog posts. I’ve been advised to slow down  and not burn out.

Image: http://www.perezhilton.com

Teen Choice Awards 2014. Can’t believe that they still give out those  surf board trophies! The last time I watched this awards was years ago.

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Couture Fashion Week #HauteLooks21 For A/W 2014

Enter the fantasy world of Haute Couture.

I got to admit, they’re some prevailing trends as seen in the ready-to-wear collections such as the fur, long double-breast jackets and the  reinvention of the ‘suit’. This is Paris hottest trademark, producing a few fashion pieces costing thousands of pounds; with the skilled craftsmanship of the designers and their team sewing each detail of beads. Sadly, us normal civilians wouldn’t be able to afford it but celebrities across film, television and music will rent it. Wear it once and never be worn again.

What a waste  of money! LOLOL.

So what are  we waiting for? Let’s ooh with wonder over my #21HauteLooks from Couture Fashion Week.

Couture Week Dresses

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London Fashion Festival & Hyper Japan: GRAB THE TICKS! GRAB THE TICKS!

The quickest post I’ve ever done, but don’t feel dissappointed, I’ll be back to write about the hottest topics in an interesting K GO GO limelight.

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Okay, two hot events sizzling up in the  next two weeks that you either know/don’t know/don’t care/interesting in going…you get my point.

First is the London Fashion Festival happening THIS SATURDAY at Dalston’s Department Store! If you want to purchase tickets then click the image below.

The second one is for all the Japanese culture lovers. Hyper Japan is back! Click the image for details of events, tickets, competition and more.

That’s all for now, but like Schwarzenegger said ‘I’ll be back’.


Wireless Festival 2014 Edition: Music Mondays + Style Breeze Combined

2014’s Wireless Festival is taking place at Finsbury Park and Birmingham! With the best music headliners EVER (Rudimental, Kanye West and Iggy Azalea). If you’e one of the lucky ones attending, here’s a Wireless special about the artists who I’ve been talking about here that we’ll be making waves. Plus for those who thought my previous  style breeze on Coachella. Guess what homies/peeps/sass-to-class readers? It’s Glastonbury style breeze time.

Wireless Logo

Image: http://www.wirelessfestival.co.uk

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Kendall Jenner: Fashion Supermodel Or Fashion It Girl?

Kendall’s  model portfolio seems impressive so far. First, modelling at New York Fashion Week for designers such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Sherri Hill, then her controversial topless photo shoot for ‘Seventeen’ as well as currently ‘Interview Magazine’ and now her first Fashion ad campaign for French fashion house Givenchy!

Image: nydailynews.com

Image: http://www.glamourogo.blogspot.com

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London Collections Men: Homage To Male Style

The men have some ‘swagga daddio’!  In an industry that is exclusively feminine based men will always have a way to define their own style. 😎 😎

AWWW MAN, I FEEL A SONG COMING ON ‘#…what a man, what man, what man…#

With the London Collection Men on the doorstep, I feel that it’s time to return the favour to men fashion.


Novelty. That’s the word I’ll describe the Chinese brand. Their SS15 Collection has elements of Chinese/Japanese animation and digital gaming all in the mix, with some of the models sporting some digital grills (COOL) 8-), very monstrous sculptured gloves and anime eyes. In terms of fashion the show begins with elements of white, with many printing/written writing. The silhouette itself is similar to the ones we see in Yu-gi-Oh, especially with the blazers as the show progresses, the audience are embarked in the colourful array of Japanese/Chinese anime. Zebra print shorts, relaxed bomber jackets, and ‘Acid Club’ tees. It’s amazing to see how Chinese street fashion defers from ours in terms of the male silouhette.

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