MOBO UNSUNG 2014: Our ‘On The Hotlist’ Special

Some of them I’ve already written about. The majority of them mentioned here are actually now on the final list. This post was written in the wake of the shortlist.


Man! So many upcoming emerging artists out there that are young, fresh and have the music edge to become big. We’ve selected a few for our ‘On The Hotlist’ Special. If some of them don’t get mentioned here, then watch out for our ‘On The Hotlist’ posts. We also use this opportunity  to tell our readers follow us! We are currently on the rise so please be patient. We are watching… Let’s go to our favourites from this amazing 20 Unsung shortlist.

MIC Lowry

Who are they: They came to London last year to perform at I LUV LIVE and competed for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball 2014 list.

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Rihanna Elevates Her Fashion Icon Status By Modelling With Legendary Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Iman

Watch out my personal post about the Rise of the Rihanna Fashion Empire. I’ll write it. Promise.


The  love between music and fashion has been a long committed marriage. Inseparable and intertwined. With Rihanna having sights on her own fashion empire (after trademarking her planned brands under Fenty), the singer has advanced her fashion status by modelling with two of the legendary models of our time, Iman and Naomi Campbell.

Iman became the first ever Black female model to conquer the high fashion scene and the first to create make-up for women of colour. Her entrepreneurial move to create an beauty range for ethnic women has opened the door to a new make-up market that targets women with different complexions  external from the European. With extensive research, her foundations and range has allowed many women of different ethnicities to also look beautiful. Just think of Sleek, MAC and BlackUp.

Naomi Campbell has become the popular mentor for television show “The Face”. Not only in the UK…

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#NWDHotlist: Little Simz (@LittleSimz)

Many of you are wondering why I’ve cut back on blogging. Well I haven’t. I’m doing other things. Check out this post about Little Simz.


Little  Simz was a familiar face at Roundhouse Rising. Two years flashback (approximately around April 2012), Little Simz attended the event with one of her school friends who was an emerging music producer. With more times on our hands before the next event on the night, we got to experience her piano and singing skills, something that she doesn’t really want/like to boast about. It was an exclusive chance for us to know more about the young cat hailing  from Northwest London, as well as the drop of her first full EP entitled “Blank Canvas”.

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