Roll into my world folks…

This is K GO GO. Usually, I’m called Kemmy and as many of you can tell, it’s a common adaption of a Nigerian spelt-name!

I’ve done a degree, had my share of good, bad, unpaid and the ugly side of internships. Nevertheless, my outlook on life is still a positive one.

What’s this blog about? Well, whatever you think it is. Whatever you want it to be.

Honestly though, I’ve had this blog since 2010 in its early days, neglected it because I wanted to just focus on my career journey. Revisited it again in 2013 and now incorporate interesting stuff with a sense of humour…as they say laughter is good medicine. So you could say that I’m already on my way. Although I still share insight of the job searching blues despite having a part-time job in fashion retail, God is given full glory for that one.

Watch me meet inspiring people, enhance my horizons and enjoy life – whilst looking for an aspiring career and helping others.

I appreciate you coming here and I wish the best of love, peace and happiness in whatever you do.





Email: kgospel@hotmail.co.uk


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