Nicki Minaj’s Controversial “Anaconda” Cover: Does It Scream Powerful, Independent Or Sexual Envoy In Modern Hip Hop?

First the front. Now the back! Now men can have fantasies of what it’ll be like to have a grab of Nicki Minaj’s artificial outrageous booty.


Just when many of us thought that her new makeover will mean a new chapter and change of things. Doh! (Homer Simpson voice).

Sucks isn’t it?

What’s funny is the fact that she justifies her stunt (in accordance to reports) by displaying the fact that many white women do it all the time. Expressing her annoyance that we live in a racist society.

Remember those comparison photos of the models on Sports Illustrated?


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Angelic. Acceptable. Lol

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Do I agree that we live in a racist society? The system speaks for itself.

HOWEVER, I think we need to assess this deeper.

If you, as an artist state that you want to be seen as powerful and independent;  wouldn’t you do something dramatic that makes a controversial point that you don’t want to be seen as another Black *beep*? Something dramatic as in, wearing a tracksuit with sneakers with maybe just your tummy showing, while your bigger accessories (i.e. babaloos and buttocks) were in no show?


This is the problem with the sexual liberation of feminism. How can you say that you’re powerful, independent and a role model to women/young girls when you’re continuously promoting the same foolishness that the men have been doing for years? In this case, Black men have been so conditioned to see nothing gracious nor sacred about a Black female butt or breasts. Put it in their face and they start spilling seeds.

From the breeding farms of slavery, the auctions where women were stripped in front of white men, (where their boobs were only good for ‘breast-feeding’) to where they inspected a Black woman’s big booty as abnormal, the psychological fierce teachings has sinked nicely into those Hip Hop ‘sell outs’ who only care about the capitalist gain of their worth, rather than the constructiveness of a civilized people with a conscious awareness of intelligence.

In the case of the models in Sports Illustrated, they were ‘modelling’. Many models would say that there are different ways of posing similar positions for different magazines that are catered to the a specific sex. Many would state that Nicki Minaj’s butt pose will be unacceptable for a high class women magazines VOGUE, ELLE and Harper Baazar. But will be acceptable for male Hip Hop magazines. Indeed, the glamorizing of the ‘pimping’ of the Black woman continues. Therefore, this image hasn’t made Nicki Minaj any better than Lil’Kim, whom seems to have self-esteem issues with the amount of coloured contacts and plastic surgery she’s done.

Yet, despite her over-sexualised image, she was a rapper! And was part of a male dominated crew Bad Boy.

In comparison to their underground days, both Lil’Kim and Nicki Minaj were normal street cats on the block. It was only when they were scooped by the male rappers in the mainstream that they were glamoured up to fit their bill of what they should be. Until we call out the men on their misogynist pursuits who learnt from their masters and destroyed the purity of rap into a capitalist, gangster paradime, this will continue.

Although, I’m still waiting on the next rapper who isn’t a ‘sell out’ for the destruction of young girls, because everyone is showing too much sexual flesh nowadays.

If you want to be seen as powerful and dramatic, then you should be controversial that will enlighten minds. Even if it means being cold-blooded to the media antics of submission through scandal, rumour and gossip.



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