Music Monday: Jessica Agombar’s LIfe After Parade – New Solo Artist On The Music Block


Fast forward from life after girl group Parade…

Jessica Agombar has begun to write her story on her own.

Now, who would’ve thought that she’s the same Cockney bird in the “St Trinians”!

Anyhoo, resuming back to all things music with this East London belle. The lass is lucky to be surrounded by the greats to UK music. Yes, I’m talking the likes of Dizzle Rascal, Lethal Bizzle and Roll Deep. You’re looking at ‘East London cred, born and bred’. 8 – )

However, despite growing up in the gritty underground streets that created the UK buzz for homegrown music, the new pop-miss has made waves into the music scene. She’s getting everyone to realise that she can actually SANNNNN-N-N-N-N-N-G.

With the Parade spilt-up, her story in a pop-group has now faded to black. While that’s in history, Agombar is creating a new identity as a solo artist. Her track “Bam Bam” (sample track of Roll Deep’s ‘When I’m Ere’) clearly displays her influence of the homegrown sound with her presumably, emerging music material. It’s already an A-star on BBC’s Radio 1xtra.

Even “On Ya Double” is a good listen to. It has a much smooth-cool grime vibe that’s worth a summer awakening during this sunshine season.


With her model-resque looks and quirky fashion sense, the singer is proving that she’s the next emerging talent to watch out for. Popjustice, Hunger Magazine, Live Dropout UK are already in the mix for Jessica Agombar’s next hit. 

Who knows what else she has on her sleeve. I’m definitely sure that her new solo career is going to bring double the fun, double the hits and double her creativity with words, singing and songwriting.

Forget Parade. Jessica Agombar is the new fresh lass off the pop block.

All eyes on Jessy Ago!


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