The battle has commenced.

Black people are going head to head against the racism confusion by the people who orchestrated it in the first place. Starting their first battleground to equal liberation of justice is music.

As referenced to by a few writers reporting the subliminal slow whitewashing of Black music and culture, we can conclude that THIS IS HAPPENING. Take that breaking news than watching a celebrity’s sex tape.

Meanwhile, many Black folks are deluded into the silly things of reality shows that continue to play on our stupidity. Afterall, they can afford to buy the fashion but can’t have a constructive conversation, without blows, guns and pulling of weaves. I mean my people, do you really need to drown yourself into the propaganda of  ‘ratchetness’ and gossip?

What’s even amazing is the fact is when White artists start speaking about the debate on Black music. I respect Jess Glynne music craft but I can’t help but look sideways of her contradicting statement. On one end she states that urban music is ‘not about race but the music’’ then she mentions ‘soul and groove –yeah Okay Black music.’

Black  music was Jazz, soul, Disco, R&B, Hip Hop, Grime, Reggae. If it isn’t about race? Then what is it then? White domination? Iggy Azalea has been in the game for a year and has now made history alongside the Beatles. Nicki Minaj, despite her popularity has never got a Billboard Number One. Many Black folks don’t consider Iggy Aze as a Hip Hop artist, while at the same time her fans worship her. Yes, her race is testing the fate of her career. I’ve seen the disses. I bet people still talk about Eminem up to this day– despite the racist tracks he did.

To get white artists who have ‘Black music’ voices to speak out about ‘Black music’ creates the illusion and confusion that racism doesn’t exist. Typical recent example: Miley Cyrus strong association with the ‘ratchetness’ of Black women as well as her rumoured Black boyfriend. See! I knew it! She slept with a few Black men. LOLOL.

Hey, she isn’t the only one degrading Black females in her videos. This is a new trend now.

Yes, there are Black and Asian artists, but to get have them on the same golden stool as White artists… They even tried to push Michael Jackson as White. Despite he himself referencing his race as Black. He was the only artist that always referenced to the achievements of Black people. Again, all these things playing on the ‘pureness’ of what was.

Macklemore said that “If you’re going to be a white dude and do this shit, I think you have to take some level of accountability,” Haggerty says. “You have to acknowledge where the art came from, where it is today, how you’re benefiting from it.”

However, things turn as his talk about his white heritage:

but I do think we have benefited from being white and the media grabbing on to something. A song like ‘Thrift Shop’ was safe enough for the kids. It was like, ‘This is music that my mom likes and that I can like as a teenager,’ and even though I’m cussing my ass off in the song, the fact that I’m a white guy, parents feel safe. They let their six-year-olds listen to it. I mean it’s just…it’s different. And would that success have been the same if I would have been a black dude? I think the answer is no.”

If he knows where the art comes from then where’s the credit to the forefounders? Today, the art has been robbed from its pureness of consciousness in the 70s and 80s to the popularity of crime, imprisonment and racial profiling of the 90s till now. Gangster rap was under the CONTELPRO to disrupt the idea that Black people are historically intelligent and constructive people. I only realized the other day that the Yorubas knew about gravity under their spiritual customs of the Ifa. Way before Isaac Newton.

Tim Wise, who’s White brought it all out about the inequality of justice with ‘white privilege.’

Their attack is on a high-class level now with more Black people becoming rich. So they’re going to use that as a way to say that racism is gone. Playing the blame game that its us Blacks that are responsible for our fate since slavery. I believe that’s why there are more Hip Hop videos showing the Black man’s idiot thinking of cars, bling, gangs, exotic women and money instead of peace protests, provocative videos that celebrates everything Black. Lyrics that makes you think.

You can afford to wait outside a store overnight for a pair of new trainers, but when a fight breaks out and someone gets shot in the queue, you just walk over the corpse. Geez!


It’s almost like these new white rappers are considered saviours to Hip Hop, which they infiltrated! Besides, White people have their own ancient music. It’s called folk. You think they’re going to allow a Black person to invade it? That what the system is. It can allow you some necessities but never the power to change society. There’s only one man in this house…you’ll always be a slave. I can work with you but you’ll never be equal or better.

Sigh…you know what? This can go on for days. I give props for their use of sexual perversion, stealth and deception because it help them to gain control over the world and have everyone sucking onto their genitals.Yes, I said it in sass-of-class, they have PSYCHOLOGICALLY CONDITIONED EVERYONE TO SUCK ON THE GENITALS OF WHITE IMPERIALISM.

Don’t be fooled, they know.


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