Alexa Goddard – Roc Nation’s New Starlet


My sass-of-class readers, this is Alexa Goddard. Raise your hand if you spotted her at last week’s Wireless in Birmingham? Or at her live gig at Academy2 Islington in May? How about her in Fault & Elle Magazine?



Sugapuff interviewed her recently backstage at Wireless. Her new video “Marylin” is in the widget with the official single available to purchase.

Shout out to Sugarpuff man! He’s definitely doing big things.

In true fairly tale style, Lexy got picked up by Jay-Z (who she also met), but no glory wouldn’t be acknowledged without the sweat (can I get an AMEN)!

Before becoming the new pop starlet for future 2014 (and beyond), she was recording demos at 14! With her being the youngest of three brothers, Ms Goddard was touring Europe whilst still being in secondary school! Even I at that age wasn’t thinking ahead!

Well…I did have an idea of pursuing a career in fashion…

Resuming back to Alexa Goodard, she’s produced cover tracks of many artists;  including Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had’, Jessie J’s ‘NoBody’s Perfect’, Bruno Mars ‘Grenade’ and Coldplay ‘Viva La Vida’ .

The list of song covers is endless, with a total of 40 million views!

Her story doesn’t stop there, at 22 she was already on it in the United States. Rubbing shoulders with stars at L.A parties…LA PARTIES! After win at a holiday camp talent contest and impressive Myspace page (ah, the days of Myspace), she joined the likes of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and toured across the East Coast.

With her pop-of-colour style,  sweet smile and UK single under her belt, it’s no wonder that her experience in the music biz is very impressive. As the saying goes ‘no success without sweat.‘ Right? #Noworknopayhomie 😎 😎 8-).

Hopes are high as she debuts as a pop starlet! Who knows what she has up her sleeve. Nevertheless after hearing this…

…the world can only be assured for DOPENESS 😎 😎 8-).

DOPENESS IS MY NEW WORD! So please, don’t look for it in the Oxford Dictionary — because it doesn’t exist! LOL.

To future 2014 and beyond Lexy! ❤ ❤ ❤



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