London Fashion Festival & Hyper Japan: GRAB THE TICKS! GRAB THE TICKS!

The quickest post I’ve ever done, but don’t feel dissappointed, I’ll be back to write about the hottest topics in an interesting K GO GO limelight.

If you’ve pressed the subscribe button or have had a quick whizz through my post on the search engine, then I’d like to say ‘WELCOME  TO THE FAMILY’. For my committed readers, sass-of-class baby! ❤ ❤ <3.

Okay, two hot events sizzling up in the  next two weeks that you either know/don’t know/don’t care/interesting in going…you get my point.

First is the London Fashion Festival happening THIS SATURDAY at Dalston’s Department Store! If you want to purchase tickets then click the image below.

The second one is for all the Japanese culture lovers. Hyper Japan is back! Click the image for details of events, tickets, competition and more.

That’s all for now, but like Schwarzenegger said ‘I’ll be back’.



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