Films 2014: Summer Smash Sees

I’m truly aware of my slack-back of posts in entertainment. Please bare with me as I need to find time to watch the new “Housewives of Atlanta” series via Youtube or something because the networks over here (in the UK) are probably going to get it late.

Now that I’ve cleared that out of my mind, let this post commence.

While the US are preparing for another Comic-Con (aka the biggest comic consumer event EVER) and the school year of  2014 is drawing to a close, the movie industry has teased viewers with massive must-sees, hot news and snippets of the favourite movies coming out this year. Since many of you maybe/are unsure of what to watch, here’s my non-biased  view of some smashers that are already and/or will consume most of the box-office numbers than the amount of hot-dogs consumed at a hot-dog championship event.

Bored at home? Have nothing to do? Then make your summer last with these summer smashers.

Transformers – Age Of Extinction

The second trilogy has begun, with new array of dinosaurs, cast and characters. It’s already out in the US and UK. The synopsis takes a twist when the Transformers (Autobots) after years of peace are now being hunted by humans. In the meantime, their nemesis clique/rivals (whatever you want to call them) begin their mass killings of humans.

If you were fans of the first tri-log, be sure to purchase some pop corn, milkshake and ice cream and go to your cinemas/theaters. Otherwise, if you’re a subscriber of Netflix, Sky or Blinkbox then catch it on your subscription — in the comfort of you own home.

Optimus Prime of a T-REX! Say what?!

I’ll use this opportunity to #putitoutthere that Michael Bay continues his directional reign with next movie of 90s classic “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES”. Out in the UK in October. Plus, Megan Fox is back!

Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes

It was only yesterday that my older brother, his girlfriend,  my younger sister, my mother and I watched the first installment “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” on DVD (hey, I’m ol’ skool). Mr Franklin masked comes off during their experiment on Koba and experiences  the sneezing of blood. He then in true urgency seeks for I think Dr Morgan and later spread the disease to the neighbour. The film later ends with a pilot who drops blood at the airport and boards the plane. During the credits, we see the map of the world and splashes of dots of how the flu is spread.

This is where the second installment continues.  While the rapid extinction of humans is at its pace, the species of genetically evolved-immune apes continue to rise. Once living in peace, conspiracies and suspicions arises from both parties. On hand many of the human survivors blame the apes for the death of their loved ones and therefore believe that they should be killed (not realizing that this happened in a labortory). On the other, many apes such as Koba warns Casear not be too permissive with the humans because they may have hegemony objectives. I mean, they were scientific experiments. The survival of the fittest comes in quest for global dominance. The final conclusion of the Ape story will be in 2016.

For now see it on July 17th UK


Reminiscing of my secondary days when I first heard “The Rock” on WWE, he was in Wyclef Jean’s video “It Doesn’t Matter.”

Now referred to as Dwayne Johnson he’s tapped into an amazing portfolio of movie project, with “Hercules”  being the latest. Johnson takes the role of the legendary half-god half-human of strength. Yeah baby! Let me see those muscles ;). The love for British accents comes in full swing. Nevertheless, all eyes are on “Hercules” (who’s is sometimes referred to as a homosexual according to mythology).

Catch the drop in the UK July 25th.

This should outdo the previous “Hercules: The Legend Begins” Official Trailer

The Giver

The trend of novels-to-screens continues with thriller sci-fi “Giver”, based on the book adaption by Lois Lowry in the 90s. In a world where harmony is evident, the shadow hand of control is taken place. Lack of emotion with injections, communities for surveillance are ‘muppetted’ to the masses. Until Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) rebels against the rules and goes to a unclassified sites outside their borders of ‘communities’, where he seeks and find a new found knowledge from the “Giver” (Jeff Bridges). With him being exposed to the dark secrets by the elite, he and his family are under threat. He’s a fugitive to the government and therefore needs to be ‘eradicated’. Depending on the success of the movie, will there be an trilogy in place? Or will it end in the same accordance of the book, which is suspense?

Out in US Theaters on August 15th.

Earth To Echo

US X Factor’s Brian “Astro” Bradley joins the likes of Teo Halm, Reese Hartwig and Ella Linnea Wahlestedt on an adventure for a kid audience.

“Earth to Echo” is an sci-fi adventure of closely bonded friends who found a discovery (that was the source to their connection issues on their electronic devices). With the kind childlike alien looked after by them they become a target by the government (since they have classified files of the hidden intelligence of previous empires that the masses don’t know about). What they experience test their friendship bond as their adventure becomes to tough for any young kid to handle.

It’s already out in the US and will be here on July 25th.

Just when I thought Disney’s “Wall-E” was a tear-jerker.

Whatever you do this Summer, be sure to make memories and check out these movies and provide your personal verdict.

Have a great summer my movie fanatics. 🙂




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