It’s Wednesday and you want my K GO GO lowdown. Then let me bring it.

‘When Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it’.


That was Nicki Minaj all-out-I-don’t-give-a-what-attitude speech after her fifth year win as Best Female  Hip Hop Artist. Indeed, it’s arguable that the fight still goes on about Black FeMCs getting their time to shine, which hyped up Iggy Azalea had a ‘free breeze’ on rise to the top. Was Nicki Minaj’s statement directed to her (since she don’t write her lyrics)? Hmmm, the science of pragmatics and subliminal English (if you haven’t done English Language at A-Level, then go and read a book).

I even noticed that Iggy felt a bit uncomfortable performing for a predominately Black crowd. Like duh, this is supposedly the ‘Black Entertainment Television’ Awards  aka ‘The Black World Cup’. Even the camera crew were clever enough to give us a shot of Nicki Minaj pouting for the viewers during Iggy Aze’s  performance of her number one Billboard smasher ‘Fancy’ ft Charlie XCX.


To be honest, that song is what I refer to the emerging rise of Hip pop.

Prior to that, she joined T.I with his calypso feel track ‘ No Mediocre’. Obviously, T.I can’t go that far with his female dancers, because you know…his missus was in the audience. ‘You know wha’ Ima saying peeps?’


And ‘we’re Black again’ in accordance to Chris Rock, who placed emphasis on the awards ceremony being the only event that is equivalent to the ‘Black Oscars’. Brother’s sill pulling punches. Especially at Paris Hilton, who ‘was getting her Kardashian on’ like ‘ XD XD XD XD. DEEP.

The inspiration speeches of Blackness continues with Pharell Williams surprising double win. Praising the channel for the increasing growth to allow ‘Black people to be different and do what we do?’ Don’t know about that but yeah.


Still, the producer displays true humility that many pride celebrities should take note from. Dedicating both awards to the people and to his son Rocket.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE (hold strong fist in the air).

August Alsina was also speechless about his Best New Artist victory. He alwayswondered what this moment would feel like’ and leaves the audience with this: I represent the struggle…all I do is grind and pray.’ 


I couldn’t help but wonder whether I’m the only viewer who felt his holdback of tears-of-happiness.

Big buzz was the shout acclaim of Davido winning Best International Act: Africa. Unlike last year where crickets emerged after Ice Prince’s win, roar and praise came from the upper balcony. Seen, the word is getting out there about the rise of Afrobeats from the mother continent. What was beautiful was when he asked the other nominees (Tiwa Savage, Diamond Platinumz, Sarkodie etc) in the category to come up on stage. Referring to them as his ‘African brothers and sisters’.


Guess the underground consciousness of the influence of Africa is getting around. With other sources quoting the mediocre process of Whitewashing of Hip hop and R&B with the free breeze worldwide fame of Iggy Azalea, one must wonder whether the new Black genre will be Afrobeats — made by Africans. Afterall, where did music originally come from? Africans. Black people. Everywhere you go in Africa, you can’t hear one Western music. American artists are a minority now.

Guess Afrobeats is the future of a United Africa. Told by African themselves and not by the ‘Oyinbos’ KMT.

I’m already thinking to write a separate post about this. Especially on the wake of the MTV’s Africa Music Awards in South Africa. Man, did that award show brought mixed feelings and disgust to many Africans at home and across the diaspora.

The best part — it didn’t get so much hype like the MTV VMAs, unless you have to scroll through the television channels. BET were the only ones who advertised it.

…Let’s leave my unprofessional-unlicensed-think-tank about this topic for another time shall we?

Resuming back to all things Black with BET, Chris Breezy-for-sheezy’s performance indicates that he’s victorious. Make no mistake homie, the brother can dance! Shame that his criminal record has barred him from being the next Michael Jackson. Besides, what’s up with these urban artists getting in trouble with the law? It’s almost like ‘the everyday diary of the Black man’. Every frustrating. Therefore, props to the two brothers who are making difference in their communities that were celebrated on the night.


Usher gave us a performance mix of his classics; ‘Confessions’, ‘U Remind Me’, ‘Caught Up’, ‘Yeah’…take me back homie! Take me back! XD XD. Showing his skills on the drums for his performance of his hit ‘Good Kisser’.


Despite the craziness, choreographed performances of flashing lights. Jhene Aiko, John Legend and Jennifer Hudson reminded us what Black music is. Jhene Aiko looks effortlessly beautiful and in her own zone as she performs barefoot. John Legend reminds us of his talent with the piano. Together they sound amazing on Aiko’s ‘The Worst’. A future collaboration perhaps?


As a true songwriter herself, Aiko displays her craft of emotion and passion through songwriting. It isn’t always about  the money; it’s about healing one emotional circumstance or relating to the everyday life struggles as human beings. It’s suppose to uplift, inspire, tell and not feel up prisons nor stereotype a group of people or project an evil agenda of control just because a shadow group of people think that they are freaking ‘gods’ of everybody. Like KMT.

Jennifer Hudson brings back soul with her powerful voice, with a male interest of UK model Daniel David McIntosh. Damn! Brother is fine! Chocolatte-mocho-chaka ;).


Urm, that’s all I’m going to say because he’s taken by Kelly Brooke. So ladies, let’s be respectable. LOL.


Speaking of UK appearances, England’s footballer Daniel Sturridge was there. Say what?!


Plus, Krept and Konan won Best International Act: UK. Word, big up. #kreptandkonanplaydirty baby.


Robin Thicke’s ambition to get his wife back continues. He goes deeply emotional with his track “Forever Love”. Despite the huge amount of  triangles…


Okay, I’m being the realist-of-the-reals AGAIN. Ever since the spiritual initiation with Miley Cyrus at the MTV videos Awards (because, that’s what’s it is), his marriage has gone down like 😛 😛 :P. Is she the sacrifice as he transitions into another playboy for the maffias-of-higher-power? I like the old Robin Thicke, not this new one. Even his recent new video seems disturbing. Man, do these people want us to associate blood with everything including love. Utter gross.

But Paula! The man has dedicated an album to you. You got to hand it to the man. He really wants you back.

With Nicki Minaj’s win and performance, it’s best to conclude that the night was the night of Young Money Cash Money babay! Drake won Best Hip Hop Male Artist and Lil’ Wayne began the night of performances. Damn, does his tracks has endless swear words to replace words that he can’t describe. He should go and read a book.

The clan also won Best Group.


BET beat their record with 8 million viewers. It was only last year that they introduced categories dedicated to Afrobeats and UK music. With the highs, the struggles and the clever incorporating of everything black by elitist white folks (who rule this world) to trigger their agenda of supremacy, one things clear, Black people rock…I just hope that Afrobeats doesn’t become another victim of the whitewashing. That will be an utter insult to the continent.

Assume what you want, all I’m saying is let the credit be to those to whom credit is due because time and time again, people have taken things and shoved the forefounders to the background.





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