The Internship Interview Feedback Eye-Opener

I had an interview last week at Mind at Haringey! I know right? It’s great news.

However, I wasn’t prepared for questions regarding communications techniques to apply for their communications. I never felt so intense in my life. Didn’t know that I sucked that much!

Oh well, the interview was an life-lesson and experience of the type of interviews that will be coming my way.

I don’t want to blabber you a lot of my Aloe Blacc story of #…needin’ a dollar dollar, cos dollar is what I need he he…# so I leave you with the feedback, which I so much needed from these interviews. Many companies don’t have the time anymore to train their staff as well as provide feedback. To an extent, I don’t blame them. I mean who wants to really drown themselves with 50 applications for 10 job posts?

“Kemmy was a likeable candidate who demonstrated previous experience in similar roles. Kemmy showed a reasonable understanding of what the role would entail and gave a good account of how she would spend a typical day in the position. Kemmy’s main downfall during this interview was a lack of knowledge about different communications methods and how they would be used within a charity. Kemmy demonstrated that she had some knowledge of communications methods, but failed to elaborate on the benefits of these methods for a charity. Some of the examples the board was looking for included: advertising events, promoting services, displaying social value, campaigning, fundraising, signposting, calls to action and providing information and advice. Kemmy displayed limited knowledge of the charity’s key stakeholders and the types of information the charity would likely need to communicate to them. The board was unclear about why Kemmy was interested in doing an internship with Mind in Haringey in particular, the board would have liked Kemmy to display a particular interest in mental health, interest in the charity sector or an interest in charity communications. Kemmy made a good start on the practical exercise given the 30 minute deadline and showed that she would be capable of undertaking similar tasks to a satisfactory standard.”

Fast points for the future.

  • Update my brain with communication methods. That would mean getting new textbooks, because the role of social media is conquering traditional communications. Need to refresh the brain.
  • Know about the stakeholders of companies and how they would communicate to them.

I’ll start by using my old university text books on communications and marketing, then hopefully once I have a job, I can get new books about digital media.

#typicalafricandoingeverything aka ADE


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