Kendall Jenner: Fashion Supermodel Or Fashion It Girl?

Kendall’s  model portfolio seems impressive so far. First, modelling at New York Fashion Week for designers such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Sherri Hill, then her controversial topless photo shoot for ‘Seventeen’ as well as currently ‘Interview Magazine’ and now her first Fashion ad campaign for French fashion house Givenchy!



What’s this I hear about these ‘rumours’ of her landing a butt-naked spread for Playboy? PLAYBOY people! 😯 I thought she wanted to pursue more high-fashion. WTF (what the foolishness)?

I know many of you are awaiting to hear my hilarious-antics about that news. Don’t worry my lovely-swagga-daddio-readers, it’s coming…

But first thing’s first — the Givenchy’s Autumn/Winter Campaign. Kendall’s modelling capabilities move to the beat as she dances alongside the other models.

GIVENCHY PARTY @givenchyofficial @riccardotisci17 Fall 2014 💥💀💃

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SICK @givenchyofficial Fall/Winter 2014 campaign @riccardotisci17 @mertalas @macpiggott

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I didn’t want to be cruel with the title but with the hype about Kendall Jenner, do you consider her a fashion supermodel, fashion it girl or fashion slut . (the fashion slut is for those who hate everything Kardashian and feel that they’re worthless to society in terms of reality-star-celebrity #justsaying).

I might just start with the nail on the head. The fashion slut.

For one, she’s following Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, the trailblazer behind Ray-J’s ‘I Hit It First’. Reminiscing how that song was jokes! LOL XD XD XD.

It’s said that Kim’s butt-naked shoot was after the awakening of her sex tape (gross :p). In the topic of Kendall Jenner, her first topless photo shoot with “Seventeen” is arguably a push of either her desperation of getting into modelling league, which she worked hard for the past 4 years. It’s funny as to the fast amount she’s gone topless with her ‘babaloos’ out in a very short space of time.  Controversy has surround her once again at Canada’s Much Music Video Awards for wearing no knickers with her hip-slit Fausto Puglisi dress.



Men seeing this photo are thinking of dirty things with her hip bones on show. It’s an invitation of them sliding their hands towards her…

Now with the Playboy spread, she’s going to model nude for the first time ever. Therefore, many would regard her as one of a slut, like her sister Kim. Although, she (Kim) was disgusted with her naked photo with W Magazine. It’s kind of sad because, it’s almost like she’s pawing her assets for fame. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that fashion also feature nude naked shoots. However, I consider Playboy a very porno-sex brand and consider the move dangerous. Every dude in one point of their live had these underneath their bed. Besides, if you’re pursuing high fashion, you wouldn’t really pose for something lower than your emerging ‘high-fashion’ status. Besides, it’s not like she was scouted at the cosmopolitan streets.

Even though I don’t agree with getting naked, there’s a difference of the naked fashion photoshoot and pornography.

So Khloe supporting her sister ‘nipple debut’ at Marc Jacobs has already made me a hater (even though I’m not).

Many of you on the other hand consider her as a supermodel. She has the model physique of long hair, slim athletic stature and features that can be transformed when applying make-up. Her make up at Marc Jacobs catwalk made her features very striking. She’s a chameleon, who can easily fit into the photographer’s female character. Whatever it may be. This potential has got her into the books of Society Management, the same agency behind Adriana Lima and Liu Wen. Previously, she was with Wilhelmina, the people who also have rapper Iggy Azalea.

Kendall Jenner Fall 2014 Marc Jacobs runway show




To the Kendall Jenner lovers, she’s all beautiful.

Alongside her sister Kylie, she has produced her fashion line with Pac Sun and modeled the range. With Kendall’s style being in the eye of critics, she’s considered the final point of the fashion it girl. Coming from the Kardashian clan, she has an admiring fashion sense that all young girls would love to intimidate, if not copy.



So far, she’s ticking the right boxes. The fact that she wore a Topshop corset gown to the Met Gala shows her stunt of breaking tradition. Many A-listers wouldn’t even dare to sport a high street brand at a luxurious event. She’s the girl that everyone’s talking about and her landing of the Givenchy deal as well as her debut at New York indicates that she is fashion’s current hit.


Kendall Jenner has had it easy. She’s from a reality-star-studded family and reaping  off the benefits from the Kardashian  enterprise. She wasn’t an average teenager shopping at Primark or working at a fashion store. Nevertheless, she reflects the vanity of reality television and I feel that if she goes nude, she’ll go through the pressure of ‘keeping up with her assets’ and be nothing more than a reality star.

If she does Playboy, then be sure that other lad magazines will also want a scoop of those Kardashian-Jenner goodies.

If you want expose your nakedness, be aware of what you’re doing and how it’ll impact your character. Otherwise keep your nakedness between the two important people (if not three). God, family and your partner behind closed doors.

Come on now, we all do it ;).


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