Is It Just Me? Or Is There a Superhero-Male-Crisis Going On?!

Father’s Day has past and many children have given praised to the ‘good men’ i.e. fathers that have been a strong pillar in their lives. This is especially  a father-son bonding day because for the men, it’s a different ball game during a life journey from being a boy to a man.


On the other hand, there are many shoutouts to the single mothers who were both a father and a mother. Ludacris gave credits to the women who are doing double the work through his facebook instagram picture because he, like so many others grew up without a dad. With the female frustration of the irresponsibility of men nowadays as well as the change in the workforce over the past …let’s say 20/30 years, I begin to wonder whether the super-hero-male that looked after his family and was a responsible civilian in his society is being challenged or as many would put it, being attacked.

I guess its best to date back the whole feminist movement, which came out from the whole racism movement. I’ve heard many critics who’ve stated that the feminist movement is a sham to diminish the natural gender roles that once existed in both ingenious and early modern societies around the world. Women being masculine, men being effeminate. Unless you get rid of your ignorant cover, you can see while many intellectual males (and females) would feel this way. With the whole push to homosexual rights as well as seeing a lot of men in drag in propaganda media,  it’s no wonder they’re being concerned as to how influential the media has on people’s thinking. It’s a clever tool used in order for people to be open to new laws. It’s ever becoming increasing that homosexuality it’s getting its pillar in Western society. Take it or leave it, gays are ruling the world. I even hear from one speaker that homosexuality was considered a psychological disorder and was placed in a special psychological book that was used to label mental disorders.  The validation of this claim? I leave you to question.

While the direct stamping power is in continual effect, alpha male power is replaced with a lot of unrealistic fantasies, just like what happened to Black people in the States when their identities were drained from Africa and all of psychological wise militant leaders such as Malcolm X and MLK were assassinated. The idea of crime, gangs, having loads of women and money as well as this fetish killing of people for fun (i.e. obsession of blood) became substitute to male instinct, responsibility and intellect. Naturally, men are visuals, strong and aggressive  that are suppose to be responsible and a leader,  BUT with this pornography, gang violence, genocide and wars going on for no freaking reason other than ‘#…money money money money, money…#(O’Jay- For The Love Of Money), how does it contribute to family values. The worst part is, many of us females  continue to complain about how irresponsible men are ‘#…where are all the good men gone…#’(Bonnie Tyler – I Need A Hero) and therefore, turn to feminism because after all, ‘we don’t need men.’

Feminism has made women think that they can have it all subliminally and that men are slaving women by being a mother who stays at home with kids. Look at England, we had Thatcher who was the first female PM. I repeat this again. DON’T GET ME WRONG, feminism has opened many doors, we can have education, reach for the skies you know ‘be independent’. However, if it’s in the expense of shunning all of the men, even if they get a lesser salary than us, then I believe it’s best that God shouldn’t make them in the first place. God forbid.

Yes, Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister. However, besides the ground breaking history of her existence what we don’t get taught is how she changed the whole UK labour force into a female-service industry. Many blue-white collar industries went and many men loss their jobs and domestic manufacturing declined. Now the UK is more of a service orientated work force. In replacement of working in coal mines, men began working in the trade market, sports, army and police. Well, that’s what I believe (because these forces are very masculine orientated). This also happened in the US between the 70s/80s, Black men were hard hit the most (cause they were in blue-collar jobs). Even that time, there were new laws in place that favoured single mothers, taking away the male as the breadwinner. This instituted more babies born out-of-wedlock because the government favoured single mothers by giving them benefits. You can even now get donated sperm or steal some if you’re deseparate…

The men on the other hand, have nothing else to do rather than to be irresponsible. They fill prisons, take more drugs and more likely to be in criminal activity. In substitute for a ‘real man’, the ‘hood boy and ‘gang leader’ has  been popularized. I seen the many times men showing off their ‘manness’ when being drunk and ranting about it in their ‘aggressive tipsyness’.

So my question is: What makes a good man? Or even deeper What is a man?

With women being in power feminists are calling for the rid of the word ‘bossy’ in favour of political correctness.

What is a great female leader? Could be one who changes humanity to do better? Or one that works hard for their own dream under the deprivation of millions? (Look at the Great Wall of Feminism). There are many female CEOs who are great leaders and there are also many average civilians who (haven’t got nothing to do and) are considered ‘bossy’. I mean, aren’t you also a great leader if  you look after/teach your kids, your man and pay your bills? Besides, who gives a *beep*? Screw your back anus! LOLOL XD XD.

Martin Luther King’s great granddaughter is fighting against abortion. Nene Leakes is a reality star on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Is she considered bossy? Many would say ‘yes’. Does she give a figs about what you think? Well, as long as she’s making money then helllllllllllll-to-the-no.

Even look at Robert Kardashian  from the Kardashian clan, he has to find out on his own, since his dad is dead and his mum heavily focuses on the girls. He’s even suffering from weight issues and depression. Although I give him props for setting up his own business. That should cheer him up. Men need more praise and acclamation.

Despite all this feminism, the sinister overall objective is to underline masculine natural rights. Besides, many women know that the whole ‘independent ‘ thing becomes a sham at some point because once a good man comes along, all of the your guard comes down. Personally, I feel sorry for the good fellas and single fathers. Yes SINGLE FATHERS! There’s two sides to the coin you know, but you’ll never see that in media. They have to handle all of the rubbish the mothers bring, especially when they are working really hard to be in the child’s life and the mother is planting evil seeds in the child’s mind for no damn reason. For goodness sake woman, be happy man! At least he wasn’t the usual types that would have done a runner! Geez.

Mars compliment Venus, Venus compliment Mars. Being an leader of a huge organisation take some balls. That’s why men are very good at it with their testosterone levels. I also believe that this gender war is deliberate by the dark-maffias-of-the-system and heavily orchestrated by the media . It happened during slavery, so I don’t know what makes this move any different. Has anyone wondered what males are being taught at schools, while girls are being given empowerment lessons?  I have an idea! Let’s create a movement that celebrates both sexes hand-in-hand and empower them to be a strong family unit. That’s what creates a healthy society.

To all of the fellas who are not irresponsible.  Whether a father, brother, uncle, grandfather who taught your male children/relatives how to be a man and female children/relatives what a ‘real man’ is, I salute you. Those of you who are taking the responsibility of being a provider for the family, this is my homage to you, because a woman can’t do everything on her own you know. We women need to stop assessing men on the basis of their salary. You can get rich men who are dogs and average men who can treat you like a Queen and pay their dues.

That’s not to say that there isn’t highly salary men who aren’t loyal to their love ones…

For the irresponsible males who have made the women superwoman by circumstance. You are either a victim of a domino generational super-male-crisis-effect and the system.



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