London Collections Men: Homage To Male Style

The men have some ‘swagga daddio’!  In an industry that is exclusively feminine based men will always have a way to define their own style. 😎 😎

AWWW MAN, I FEEL A SONG COMING ON ‘#…what a man, what man, what man…#

With the London Collection Men on the doorstep, I feel that it’s time to return the favour to men fashion.


Novelty. That’s the word I’ll describe the Chinese brand. Their SS15 Collection has elements of Chinese/Japanese animation and digital gaming all in the mix, with some of the models sporting some digital grills (COOL) 8-), very monstrous sculptured gloves and anime eyes. In terms of fashion the show begins with elements of white, with many printing/written writing. The silhouette itself is similar to the ones we see in Yu-gi-Oh, especially with the blazers as the show progresses, the audience are embarked in the colourful array of Japanese/Chinese anime. Zebra print shorts, relaxed bomber jackets, and ‘Acid Club’ tees. It’s amazing to see how Chinese street fashion defers from ours in terms of the male silouhette.

Katy Eary takes to the a new golden age of the American Dallas cowboy, with her experiment of the super tight skinny jeans, double denim with embroided peace, love and cross logos, loose unbuttoned shirts that glorified the male torso as well as turtlenecks under rodeo-t- shirts. Next summer is another cowboy under the coloured sun. Love the two tonned dip-dyed jacket. The ‘tricomibination’  (I made that word up) of the oranges, reds and purple are getting us heated up for the Wild, Wild, Dallas



Craig Green gives a sense of the new samurai/ninja from ancient times. The show was very minimal as the flow of the slit wise leg trousers swayed from the models. The designers elements of pastel blue, dark blue as well as fluorescent blue gave the message that in indeed next season is all about the warrior but in a comfortable setting. It’s sacrificial yet protestant.



Sibling’s  has got youth punk/goth married. At first it began with a very typical punk look of tights T-shirts, large spot-print double denim, fringes and front bib skirts. Guess the skirt trend is in for the fellas, only that it’s styles with jeans. So now worries there. At the end the show closes with a huge artistic silhouette of red pompoms jackets. I wonder how the model was able to see behind the fabric. Although I though of the idea of the bone necklaces, gothic make-up and huge hair was cool. This is homage to the youth rebellion, the 1990’s punks knitting technique, the dare of red…the whole ‘shibang’.



This is a a brief to some, if not a few of the male collections that took place in London. I will however (although I’m thinking to) create a big post in quick style format about male fashion for the fellas out there, because predominately my unprofessional-unlicensed-non-expertise is mostly female (as I’m a female myself). So watch out for that post folks! This is the beginning where I shine the spotlight on male fashion.







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