Music Monday: Music — Max Marshall Made

Totally out of the blue comes Max Marshall, the US export (now a British resident who’s has strong interests in fashion.


If you can remember the lass then this video should ring a bell.

Max Marshall’s music has an influence of nineties and noughties urban beats, with additional new sounds from the current generation. The clever array of mixing ‘ol’ skool’ and ‘new skool is brillant’ besides the monopolistic pop culture.

Growing up surrounded by music legends such as Earth, Wind & Fire and displaying her music talents such as playing the violin and piano. The fashion enthusiast shows her creativity through her fresh-from-block mixtape ‘Forgive Me’. Before the explosion, she’s interned for a French label who are behind Lady Gaga’s flamboyant wigs. Guess she was busy pursuing the fashion world. (Sigh) What a life.

She was also pursuing her music career behind her parents back :?! Risky girl .

With soul, funk and throwbacks up her sleeve, fans will be intrigued to find out what she’ll produce next. At the moment, she’s release video for her single ‘ Your Love is Like’. With new blue new hair, she’s definitely setting the trends in fashion and music. All I can say is the success starts ‘HURR’. 😎 😎 😎

Her EP ‘Forgive Me Now’ is available now to soothe your ears to.


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