S/S 2014 Special: 90’s Hip Hop — Sportswear, Bandanas and Trainers

Fashion designers have given their bows to the nineties. With the Hip Hop culture leading the way. ‘…yo’ shorty, hip hop ain’t nothin’ without the thugs, the bling and the trainer y’all, you gotta have swag ya know ya mean…’  What’s more representative of the Hip Hop subsidiary music gangster rap than the bandanas. Ahhh bananas, I can recall getting them in East London markets and fashion outlets in all different colours for a cheap price of £1. Even Tupac, in his early days of his career sported the trend known as the ‘Tupac bandana’.

Image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

The association of the prints was predominately with a new movement surrounding notorious gang violence. It was tool used to show ones dedication to ‘ryde or dye’ for their crew and to hide their identity with disputes. Especially among Black and Brown people i.e the Hispanics and Latinos in America. This is effect became more of a negative stereotype of racial profiling for the police, while this was happening, this was heavily popularized and glamoured under gangster rap and eventually, in effect became a fashion trend thanks to rappers. Now you can wear it on your wrist, neck, ankle and back jean pocket.

Image: http://www.shelf3rd.com

Image: http://www.youtube.com


The cult of the bandana became an international phenomenon alongside tattooing.

Image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Asians are fans of Hip Hop and black culture music wise. I’ve met countless people (i.e my peeps) that grew up with Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg… With street fashion being in the mix, fashion designers began to remake the definition of the bandana print, with T-shirts, swimsuits, shorts, blouses, accessories, footwear and co-ordinates. Even the ‘Tupac bandana’ is available already made as a hair accessory. It’s almost like everyone had made their own pattern version of the bandana print.

Image: http://www.nowfashion.com

Image: http://www.teampeterstiger.com


DKNY ACTIVE Jessica Bandana Print Mesh Trainers

DKNY ACTIVE Jessica Bandana Print Mesh Trainers £105.00 available @ ASOS.com.

After seeing RUN DMC in Adiddas tracksuits and trainers during Hip Hop’s golden age, the strong association of sportswear being a casual fashion emerged. Since then, the original Hip Hop have had a long association with jersey baseball vests, t-shirts and trainers and was worn by both females and male artists alike in the late eighties and nineties.

sporty trend 2014

The high-street have produced basketball jerseys in both bandana print. Plus, the vintage shapes to the nineties have been updated into a range of varsity shirts, with bandana print. With sports wear being cut into sleek feminine versions of modern society as seen on the catwalks of Tommy Hilfiger with some flashes from Tom Ford’s S/S catwalks.

Image: http://www.bkdailynews.com

Ichiban Bandana Varsity Sweatshirt

ASOS Ichiban Bandana Varsity Sweatshirt £55.00

Image: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk

 Another big trend is the ‘Parental Advisory’ Sweatshirt that is only seen on most Hip Hop albums, Alexander Wang adopted for the ‘Slogan/Novelty Art’ trend.

Image: http://www.vogue.co.uk

Image 1 of ASOS T-Shirt with Parental Advisory

ASOS T-Shirt with Parental Advisory £18.00

White (White) White Parental Advisory T-Shirt | 300009310 | New Look

New Look White Parental Advisory T-Shirt £4.00

Forever 21 had a host range of Hip Hop oversized t-shirts and sweaters with rap slogans and slang. These included Biggie’s album cover ‘Ready To Die’, his quote ‘Mo Money, Mo Problems’, ‘Thug Life’ Crop tee, Ice Cube and an Renaissance graphic of Tupac, just to name a few. All I know is they were sold out at when I was working at that branch.

Trainers have become endless ladies and men can get a new edition of hi-tops on the high-street (if unable to buy sports brands).


DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and Vivienne Westwood are just the few to feature trainers that are-not-fit-for-athletics with explosive brights, and prints while Chanel has created trainers for ‘showshopping’ and couture. So you can forget sporting a pair of Chanels trainers to the gym.

In regards to Chanel’s Couture S/S 14, when was the time we saw knee caps?

Image: http://www.glamour.com

Anyone recall when the female dancers use to wear them?

Concluding this special trend post. Here are a few pointers to take with you.

1. The bandana print is unlimited.

2. The influence of vintage nineties sportswear has created a new array of sleek clothing made for both day and night.

3. Karl Lagerfield has created an breakthrough with his couture trainers that we’ll dreaming of having.

The street fashion of Hip Hop in the nineties has had a strong influence on designers. With street fashion now on the forefront of everything, it’s no wonder trendsetters look into what the everyday civilians are doing. The influence of music have broaden the relationship between, people’s association with clothes and an openness to express themselves with an art form that displays their personal work of art and individualism. Regardless of the mishaps the nineties produced, we can’t deny that fashion is still inspired by the decade.


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