Brazil! Brazil! Brazil! (Brasil! Brasil! Brasil!)

Brazil will be the first country to be holding the world’s biggest sports events back to back (two years apart). Whilst many of us are embracing our nationalities with patriotic pride for the World Cup, the country still has to prepare for the Olympic Games!

I believe that this the only time that women get to watch football. Ladies, you have no choice because the biggest national and international broadcasters  (e.g. Sky)  are going to air the games. Funnily enough, there are Africans in Brazil. Myy father saying that Yoruba is still spoken there to some extent but it’s called something else. To be honest. I’m not surprised, as most of the Nigerian slaves were dropped there (Brazil had the next largest amount of slaves after the United States).

Music videos from the biggest artists were filmed there. Including Beyonce for her dedicated song to her daughter.

A$AP Rocks (Rocky)  filmed his ‘Wild For The Night’ video in Brazil and not in the Dominican Republic according to this report.

Films such as “City of God”, (Fast & Furious) “Fast Five”, “The Expendables” and “Incredible Hulk” were shot in the city, as well as “Senna” and “Vera”. Regardless to whether the movie related to the life and culture of Brazil or not. The Portuguese (yes they don’t speak Spanish) country is an ideal location for movie directors, producers and film companies.

Despite the stereotypes, Brazil has become an emerging economy with potential alongside other emerging economies to become if not better than the West in the eyes of many market and business researchers. Supermodels such as Gisele Bundchen, Camilia Alves and Adriana Lima have graced the way for models to enter into the global fashion industry. Frequently, many Brazilian models are featured in Victoria Secret, simply being as they represent the fantasy of the dream ‘exotic women’ for many lost-in-reality men.





Either way there’s no denying that they have their own uniqueness of beauty.

Ohhh let’s not forget the men too!

Luca Gil

 Marlon Teixeira  is a Brazilian model photos


Andre Ziehe


Rafael Verga


Even famous luxury plastic/jelly Brazilian brand Melissa are from Brazil! Man,  you have no idea how much I want their jellies! People, we must take the moment to breath before we scream whilst browsing through their site The potential of them being another fashion capital of ‘exotic paradise’ is already there and still in the works.

Despite the successes, they have a few challenges (just like every country) to tackle. Nevertheless, I’m not going to write that here, because this event is the event where the true Brazil comes in full swing. With an team that full represents the diversity of Brazil.

Can we have a few Brazilian songs to put us in the mood for football please?



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