Rihanna Sexualising Pop? The Awaking Of Her CDFA Fashion Icon Win

When the images leaked of Rihanna’s shimmery-see-through dress at the CDFA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards, most men had an extra enlargement to their eyes 😯 😯 😯 8O. I already know what’s going through your heads fellas…those dreams ;).


Image: http://www.huffingtonpost.com

The females on the other hand are either admiring/envying/outraged/divided. On one aspect, many praised the bad-girl star for bringing her bad*beep* to classic Hollywood glamour, as her outfit was customy-Swaroski-made by Adam Selman; with a pink fur stole to match. With homage to Josphine Baker, she was showing the world her ‘fashion icon’ status at the CDFA. She received full support from fans about her dress. The dress showcases her amazing stomach and bottom. You know the saying ‘if you got it, flaunt it!’ Nothing different fromΒ Josephine Baker dancing butt naked, with a string of bananas and pearls made as accessories.

Despite praises, a new wave of detest of Rihanna’s new wave of sexualisation brings outrage by the ‘haters’ 😑 😑 :x. Every single dress she wears shows her nipples (she’s made it easy for the men to have some mental-sex). Questions on modesty and accountability arises concerning female artists being a rolemodel for young girls. For some reason, she’s given a middle finger to both the Instagram staff who deleted her account and TLC who mention Rihanna as the leader of an increasingly ‘sexy’ pop industry. My strong feelings believe that her publicist searched for that picture of them. *Shade*

Image: http://www.ibitimes.co.uk

It could only mean that TLC were hypocrites. Or has the media twisted these stories? Let’s say for now that they’re hypocrites. They had subliminal sex songs to get-you-making-love, but is what they’re saying wrong?

Last month Miley Cyrus’ ‘fanforce’ went to see her sexual gestures and crotch at her sold-out concert…well, not literally (but you get drift). Apart from porn stars, many would feel that Rihanna is the next artist that loves to show off all of her ‘accessories’ with a set of hills and sunglasses. A man’s dream fantasy eh? If only she was covered in chocolate and at the doorstep of her admirers? An fantasy that is-never-going-to-happen-in-this-lifetime. LOL.

Image: http://www.jojocrews.com

In the discovery of the new world, ingenious tribes in Africa, America and Australia where LITERALLY BUTT NAKED. Men, women and children. It’s here in the West you’re considered a naturalist. Over there in their cultures, you’re considered normal. Therefore, having it bare in the open wasn’t considered ‘sexual’ in the concept of Western culture propaganda. To them at the time, as history claims, being butt naked or wearing just a wrap and natural accessories was ‘less civilized’ in the eyes of the Europeans and therefore used religion (Christianity) as a means of colonisation. Since then, thanks to modernization we’ve been conditioned to think that our manhood (penis), babaloons (breast) and world (vagina) are nothing more than things to exploit, with some twisted mind-sets 😈 It was almost a doubled standard because we adopted the idea of covering up all our body parts, while they were being shade raping, exterminating and incarcerating. Nowadays we have pornography in all ethnicities, sexual preferences, movies and events. It’s no wonder that it’s the number one search on the internet. That’s pornpaganda.

Many parents are worried that the ‘sexualisation phenomenon’ is getting into the minds of kids, especially girls in their ‘tween’ years. You’re never know the countless times you saw a girls bum cheeks in tiny shorts. Then when you bend down, it’s access all areas.

Image: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

Image: http://www.galaxy–girl.blogspot.com

Critics say that she’s using sexual appeal to gain profit and that there’s no talent to Rihanna. Placing her besides the likes of Katie Price and other reality stars who have literally famous for ‘absolutely nothing’. Trust me, I seen the comments all the time and hear it from people too. Some are pretty deep I can assure you. Spicy hot pepper, their tongue of theirs.

Whether her look is marmite, I can guarantee that even if she arrived wearing nipple tassles, she’ll still be considered a fashion icon…

Oh wait, she already has?!

Image: http://www.broccolicity.wordpress.com

That’s stage one. Looks like that day will be nigh if she attends an event with nipple tassles then. Some elegant designer ones…

Besides, it’s rumoured that she’ll landed a role as the deceased Josephine Baker in an emerging biopic (no coincidence). I’m waiting for the day when Miley Cyrus will vajazzle her world and it’ll be considered fashion for all eyes to see. Β Hey, don’t be looking at me like that; it’s the disorder cult effect celebrity has on Western society.

Sadly, shockingly, surprising and in reality, having women in sexual array has been done for centuries. Josephine Baker became an ‘exotic dancer’ for entertainment and became the only African American to be famous outside Europe. Nevertheless, she had issues in her personal life and was to many ‘exploited’. Take it as feminist as you want, but for your information, SEX SELLS…with the scary effect of girls being subliminally groomed into child paeophilla 😈 by the men of the West. YES THE MEN, because they started, control and make money out of it! Β It prior to the feminist movement. Now it’s a global virus. 😈 😈 😈

In the case of Rihanna, I give her props that she’s utterly changed the meaning of what an icon (after being in the music business for only 10 years). However the relation between sex and fashion remains questionable, if not a debate for the fate of our future generations.


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