NEW!!! Dora Martin — ‘Soldier’

Dora Martin launch their first video on Vevo. Whohooo! Yeah baby :D. If that wasn’t enough, their EP ‘Coalition’ is out now. Grab your digital purchase while you can homies!

Check out the so called union of strength, power and security between a man and woman that you never see nowadays, especially among black people as well as a whole. It’s enlightening to know that the superhero-male-crisis isn’t lost. In fact, many men are fighting and defending it.

A ‘Soldier’ isn’t the one that  Destiny Child talked about ‘#…if it status ain’t hood, I won’t be checking him…# but the one that will ‘#…fight, fight fight fight fight for this love…# (Cheryl Cole). 

The saying goes ‘behind every King, there’s a Queen.’

Remember to show love for these guys. ❤


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