Prom Prix No 3: The Accessories Avenue (Part I)

If you still biting your fingernails about your dream dress, check out my prom series from Cannes 2014.

Right peeps! The accessories. It can be urm…very daunting especially if you were clumsy enough to spend all of your budget on your ‘it’ dress with less money left for your accessories. So here are few moody boards  I personally recommend.

Please note that there’s more options of styles and colours on their site.

Chelsea Doll

Seen in Grazia, Company and Marie Claire Chelsea Doll is the best place for all things high fashion-done-right-on-a-budget and quirky cool. Whether you’re a bright teen or sophisticated mama, you’ll find something unique on Chelsea Doll. In the subject of prom, chandelier earrings are best for the ladies who want to look like an A-list. If you hate the drops, jeweled’gem studs are also very A-list if you’re looking to look sophisticated. The big trends this year are monochrome and bold brights. Vintage inspired earrings are available for those who opted for the classics.

Chelsea Doll Co UK

From top left – bottom right (horizontal): Blue Frosted Rose Earrings £7.00, Pink Chrysanthemum Earrings £5.00, Monochrome Multi-Arrow Drop Earrings £6.00, Peach & Gold Arrow Earrings £7.00, Yellow Block Chandelier Drop Earrings £7.00, Oversized Pastel Shimmer Chandelier Earrings £10.00, Monochrome Quardangle Drop Earrings £7.00, Emerald Green Crystal Teardrop Earrings £8.00, Sea Blue Jewel Swirl Earrings £5.00, Gold Weave Stud Earrings £5.00, Pastel Pink Vintage Rectangle Earrings £5.00, White Angel Crystal Chandelier Earrings £8.00,Vintage Monochrome Stripe Stone Earrings £7.00, Red Cluster Gem Earrings £7.00, Lotus Green Stone Hoop Drop Earrings £9.00, Red Vintage Inspired Gem Drop Earrings £8.00, Vintage Surround Square Stud Earrings £4.00, Gold Mottled Geo Drop Earrings £6.00, Monochrome Stripe Geo Earrings £8.00.

The jeweled/vintage earrings have been extended to rings. Therefore you can mix and match you earrings with these ring candy.

Emerald Teardrop Cocktail Ring

Emerald Teardrop Cocktail Ring £7.00

Pearl Burst Cocktail Ring

Pearl Burst Cocktail Ring £8.00

Regal Jewel Cocktail Ring

Regal Cocktail Ring £6.00

Antique Leaf Surround Cocktail Ring

 Antique Leaf Surround Cocktail Ring £6.00

Forever 21 or

They’ve focused more on stacked rings, pastels and florals. It’s all about the pretty-girly things with their accessories. If you haven’t had your ears pierced, you can make it up with the finger bling statement. There are also rings sets that are also available. In the case for prom, diamante rings or feminine bling of hearts and flowers are the way to go.

Forever 21 Rings

From top left – bottom right (horizontal): Wrap-Around Midi Ring £2.40, Rhinestoned Flower Cocktail Ring £2.00, Rhinestoned Stack Ring Set £3.15, Daisy Trio Ring £3.90,, Rhinestone Heart Ring £1.50, Rhinestone Bow Ring £2.00, Pointed Ring Set £2.00, Lovely Heart Rhinestone Ring £3.15, Subtle Shine Midi Ring Set £3.15, Rhinestone Glam Ring Set £3.15, Faux Gemstone Filigree Ring £3.90, Faux Stone Ring Set £4.90, Subtle Glam Cutout Ring £3.90, Standout Statement Ring, £4.50, Chiffon Rosette Ring £4.90, Blooming Rose Ring £3.90, Blooming Flower Ring £1.65, Glam Floral Cocktail Ring Set £3.90.

Here’s a a risk taker, instead of drop earrings, how about tassles and hoops? Since you’re going to prom, avoid hip-hop ones, they’re too street for this occasion. Otherwise, they have the usually pearl earrings and very cute, pretty studs as well. Plus, you can easily match your earrings with their rings as if it’s a whole jewelery set.

F21 Earrings 2

From top left – bottom right (horizontal): Fancy Fan Drop Earrings £3.90, Rhinestone Disc Earring Set £2.00,  Twisted Drop Earrings £2.50, Faceted Faux Gem Studs £2.00, Aquatic Goddess Chandelier Earrings £3.50, Regal Cutout Drop Earrings £4.90, Beaded Drop Earrings £5.00, Dazzling Deco Earrings £6.65.

Forever 21 Earrings

From top left to bottom right (horizontal):  Sweetheart Glam Studs
£3.90, Old Glam Drop Earrings £3.90,Pointed Teardrop Earrings, £5.65  , Subtle Glam Chandelier Earrings £5.65, Opulent Tasseled Rose Earrings £3.90, Mesh Rosette Studs £3.15,   Tropical Flower Studs £3.90, Sparkling Faux Gem Earrings £3.90, Standout Filigree Drop Earrings £3.90.

Here are a few bracelets!

Filigree Stretch Bracelet £6.65

Garden Chic Floral Bracelet £4.50

Fancy Faux Pearl Bracelet Set £6.65

Pearlescent Rhinestone Bangle Set £8.90

River Island

Does this brand need an introduction? Like seriously.

River Island jewellery consisted of bold statement tropical brights, bracelet sets, diamante and cocktail rings. Apart from having unique products such as body harnesses gem stone is at the forefront of their range. If you’re think of wearing a strong statement necklace, then your earrings are limited to studs. In my unprofessional-unlicensed-non-expertise, you can possible go away with a statement necklace with a statement ring. Too much jewellery can destroy your look, in addition to imbalance your silhouette.

River Island

From top left – bottom right (horizontal): Gold tone encrusted statement ring £8.00,  Silver tone pave ball stud earrings £5.00, Gold tone crystal repeat statement necklace £18.00, Gold tone multicoloured gem stone bracelet £12.00, Gold tone diamante floral stretch bracelet £10.00, Aqua petal surround gem stone stud earrings £6.00, Gold tone cocktail ring £5.00, Lime and blue gem stone statement ring £10.00, Gold tone glitter bangle pack £13.00, Gold tone textured oval ring £6.00, Yellow daisy drop earrings £10.00,  Gold tone gem stone cuffs £20.00, Gold tone encrusted circle bracelet, Rose gold plated diamante drop earrings £15.00, Pink jelly statement earrings £18.00, Clear gem stone heart drop earrings £8.00.

New Look

In the case of New Look, feminine and girly meet, with a strong array of pearls and diamante.

New Look

From top left to bottom right (horizontal): Gold Filigree Diamante Ring £3.99, Silver Embellished Diamante Ring Stack £4.99, Gold Daisy Braclet Set £5.99, Pink and Gold Pearl Bow Bangle Set £5.99, Mint Green Flower Pearl Bracelet £5.99,  Gold Textured Knot Stud Earrings £2.99, Cream Pearl Boxchain Necklace £7.99, Mint Green Diamante Center Flower Ring £4.99, Cream Opaque Stone Drop Earrings £5.99, Silver Crystal Flower Ring £4.99, Pink Rose and Pearl Bangle Set £5.99, Gold Perspex Flower Cuff £6.99, Crystal Diamante Twisted Teardrop Stud Earrings £2.99, Gold Sparkle Chunky Drape Necklace £9.99, Silver Crystal Chain Bracelet £4.99.

 I wish I could continue to offer more suggestions, but that you make you readers bored of reading. Therefore, here are other brands that you can look at for prom.

Otherwise you can also go to fashion outlets and get jewellery for £1. Finsbury Park, Camden and Brick Lane are a few selection of good places.

Also feel free to comment about the new look of the blog as well. It’s gradually getting there.


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