I’m telling you, ever since he wanted to leave the industry, he’s been getting in hot water. I’m aware that he’s released new material. I assume that he knows the score of the game…

First, it was the car arrest and now are these video of his racist remarks from his quest-to-stardom-days. For some reason, this is more of a debate than getting the ‘Chibok’ girls. May I remind you that the West are there in Nigeria and they’re still not found. So I wonder whether people are going to start looking sideways about the length of time is taking or whether this is another rephrase of destablisation-for-hegemony-globalisation for a continuous lavish lifestyle from the back of slaves who are stripped from their land as well as the natural resources…

Like I’ve said before, our capitalist system sucks.

Anywhoo, enough of that; let’s get into the world of pop with a K GO GO twist of some humour. Justin Bieber’s videos of him saying racist jokes about no other than Black people is leaked on the web and he has to apologise to everybody about his racist antics. Especially his remarks about joining the Klu Klux Klan.

Justin Bieber in Monte Carlo


Obviously Black people’s immediate reaction would be rage. While at the same time, its almost a battlefield with these new racist claims that are coming out ALOT recently. We’ve been here my ‘homies’ countless times, so what makes you think that anything will be done about it? Why hasn’t it been banned from society?

What’s even funny is that despite the history (Yes the slave history of Black people). NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. Inspiration root of the word began from the Hispanics and Portuguese that made it up in the first place (Negro). Fast forward approximately 400 years after the music industry has popularised it to be used among Β the ignorant Black people since it simply means ‘dead’. Either way, it still damaging if one has been conditioned to live a life without realizing the root cause of their circumstance. If the foundation is evil on a group of people for power then what the hell in you stupid dumbed-founded mind makes you think that things have changed?

Hmmm, I can see some of you rolling you eyes like ‘here we go about the slavery’ πŸ™„ πŸ™„ :roll:. Many people would think that’s it’s okay for Black people to say it and white people not to. Others in their twisted-mind of ignorance think that the significance of slavery with the ‘n’ word doesn’t is irrelevant. The truth of the matter is that since Hip Hop has been popularized (with negative props to gansta rap), the negative stereotypes, physical and mental enslavement used on Black people are subliminally used in propaganda music i.e Hip pop. Therefore, it wouldn’t matter if a whole song used the ‘n’ word ‘#…nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger…#, it’ll still be a hit; regardless as to how stupid I may sound. I mean look at Eminem, none is calling him out apart from the founder of the original Source Benzino. In 2003, there were allegations that Mr Slim Shady is actually a racist dude and has done tracks dissing the black people, with a few hip hop websites leaking the lyrics of the underground tracks he did. It’s been said that he’s apologized, but as you know you can never believe what you hear nowadays. On the bright side, Eminem is still livin’ the good life. Like they say ‘it’s nothing personal, just business.’


On the flipside what about the black rappers that use traumatizing events in Black history in their lyrics. The incident with the Emmett Till mentioned in Lil’ Wayne’s track is just a tip of the iceberg, if not bitter pepper. LOLOLOL. Oh well, we all know who controls hip pop now…

Again, there’s another roll of eyes here πŸ™„ πŸ™„ :roll:. There’s also an argument are that the racist joke is just a ‘joke’. Β They call out that people shouldn’t get all emotionally suck up in all of this. If that’s the case, they should bring back those ‘Coon’ shows from the early 20th Century, where white people (and black) wore black faces with red lips and danced around as idiots, then we can all laugh at it as one big happy family.

NOT πŸ˜›

These racist incidents are an emotional trigger with no substance, with no cause for action. Doesn’t change the amount of Blacks being killed, dying, double-crossed, unemployed, in gangs, aborted,on drugs, going to jail…absolutely nothing and I feel that it’s deliberate.

Meanwhile many young cats are listening to Hip pop artists instead of learning ABC’s or where certain countries are on the world map :roll:.



  1. I am so sick of Justin Beiber. This little punk tries so hard to be Never been a fan of his music either. I really wish he would go away. And saying the N word is not cool! Especially if you’re

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