The Comeback Of Cheryl Cole: New Album, New Song and New Heights

Ain’t I late. Had no idea that her second album done well : O. Yeah, the ‘Messy Little Raindrops’ one. Guess my information of album discography seems off, but on the other hand, I’m not going to sit here and condense every single celebrity’s album. That’s sad. #FYI I HAVE A LIFE!!! XD XD XD.

Cheryl Cole is currently on her fourth album and has been working hard with some of the biggest songwriters in the game  to make it good as the two previous number 1 albums. The first single is ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ ft Tinie Tempah.

She’s going to have her first performance at the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finale and I think, returning to X Factor.

The Youtube comments to her new sound has been mixed.

Before the bad, let’s start with the good (thumbs up).

‘CHERYLS NEW SINGLE!!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!! It sounds really good with a good mixture of sounds… and its pretty catchy!!!!! ‘
Georgia Strange
‘This is is a GROWER, I didn’t like it at first but once you listen more you’ll like it! It’s such a summery song and is perfect for this time of the year.’
I Love this, its a grower, its so different to anything she has ever done before, its incredible!
Bobtza W
Now the bad 😦 , 😈 and mean >:D. Man, some comments are DEEP! If you get my drift.
‘is this slag sucking his dick now’
truther teller
‘it sounds bland and boring. just like her singing. so bland. and tinie tempah’s rhymes are shit.’
‘The follow up to this song would be: “I Dumped Her Because She Had A Massive Rose On Her Ar*e”….;
R Wright
Apologies, I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the DEEP ones…:/
Then again, many were also a mixed opinion like these:
‘I don’t think it’s an awful song, it’s just a bit samey sounding & that’s what makes it plain..
We need something a bit more fresh in the charts.’
‘i love it. but i think that the trumpet solo parts need to go. sounds like a 10 year old trying to practice playing one.’
David O
‘It’s a good song, but I’ll never understand why every song has to have a ‘rapper’ in it, ruins it for me’
Michelle Phillips
Firstly after viewing the lyric video, I say that I’m with mixed gang. I love Cheryl Cole though man. However, there’s a ‘teeny, weeny’ danger when working with the songwriters. Like the big songwriters that work with Rihanna and Beyonce (I don’t even get why the artist can’t write songs themselves, because I feel like songs have become catchy and dumbed down nowadays). Sure her single with Calvin Harris ‘Call My Name’ was good, but I’m not sure whether the album ‘A Million Lights’ matched to her previous album smashers. Let me process my research on Wikipedia (please take a moment)…
…okay, so ‘A Million Lights’ went in at number 2. Hmmm not bad but nothing is better than a number 1 ⭐ ⭐ :star:. According to wikipedia it’s her first album that’s not number 1.
Oh well, I hope they *beep* the part  Tinie Tempah raps about the manhood being traumatized by love. Guess this is grower from the Cheryl Cole that we’ve  known. Still, the Cole lovers would feel that she should stay to the music that got her those two album number 1’s in the first place, because to them, that’s what has made them loyal to her craft.

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