Prom Pre-Nup: The Final Round Cannes 2014

OKAY OKAY! This is the third and final round of the Prom prix. Ha! Shoot that in the ‘booty’, I made another word mash up LOL :D.

Taking the best from Cannes 2014.

Let’s browse around homies! xxx

Frieda Pinto

Can anybody say #…showstopping, show-showstopping. Ay ay ay…# (snap my fingers, done a swift to the left and swift to the right).


What she done right: The biggest trend on the red carpet is nudes. Nude are available different tonnes being emphasized with embellishments, lace and feathers like Pintos (because to me it looks like ostrich detail).

Prom suggest: Another comfort from the black and white is nudes! Yes ladies, add that to your potential colour on your prom list. Getting a dress similar to Pinto will be difficult to find (her one is from Michael Kors). However, I’m sure when you’re look hard enough, you shall find.

Sonam Kapoor


What she done right: One has to be very careful when fusing traditional wear unto the red carpet. Bottom line — you don’t want to look tacky, because you are representing your roots. There are many designers that cater to designing couture traditional wear e.g. Anamika Khanna (which Kapoor is wearing the designer’s sari dress). Not only did Kapoor wore it good, she even fused it in the current trend of the season.

Traditional wear + couture design + elegance = class

Prom suggest: I personally (in my unprofessional-unlicensed-non-expertise- advice), don’t think girls would want to represent their roots on prom night (many feel embarrassed wearing their wear. Don’t know why that is but er…). However if you do, get a nice sari dress with nice embellishments.

Liz Sween

Flowing chifforn in the wind.


What she done right: I’ve always said that red heads can wear any colour that will compliment their skin. This purple Grecian gown dress fits beautifully with the summer season. Sween pick an unusual colour that compliments her hair an skin tonne perfectly.

Prom suggest: Dream prom dress for many ladies. It has different variations, all in the name of chiffon. If you’re a red head, why not expand your prom-dream-dress colour palette with a pop of purple. If you’re tall with those classic long neck, you sport these any day, as I’ll explain with Uma Thurman.

Uma Thurman

Bright chiffon yellow.

 Cannes 2014: Red Carpet Queens – Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman


What she done right: The couture yellow gown fits perfectly with her silver chandelier earrings.

Prom suggest: Summer brights girls! There are so much options to choose from. Silver jewellery such as chandelier earrings and bracelet is all you need. Although certain colours such as purple, orange, red and possibly fluorescent pink can compliment with gold.

Lara Stone

Minimal in hot pink.


What she done right: When minimal is done right, it can look effective. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if many feel that this dress is very ‘bland’ for Cannes. Whatever your opinion it goes to show how diverse everyone’s style is. For one thing, at least she’s not wearing a dress associated with a colour that has, I believe a strong association with laser cuts and club dresses.

Prom suggest: I mentioned previously how tanning is important when thinking of wearing pop colours like hot pink. So MAKE SURE YOU LOOK SUN KISSED FOR THE PROM! In regards to the dress, try dressing minimal with cool straps. The dress length is even ideal for the night too and add more statement to the dress with a selective choice of rings, bracelet and cubic zinconia studs. Or on the other hand, wear cubic, diamante jewellery alone.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley


What she done right: With long neck and arms, this jade strapless gown displays her elegance. Adding a simple touch of glamourous drop earrings

Prom suggest: If you have a tonned body and want to situate those curves with class of a goddess then a strapless gown with small beads. Instead of opting for the typical chifforn. How about silk gown. If you’re think of silk, you have to think about the ideal colour you dream to wear on your prom night. You can begin with Whiteley’s colour of her Gucci dress as a foundation to begin with.

Marion Cotillard


What she done right: The architectural pleating of her Christian Dior dress was enough for her to brush it off with metallic shoes, a bangle and rings.

Prom suggest: The shape of the design is ideal for those who hate floor gown dress. A typical A-line strapless dress with pleats, in a possible pop colour is very idea for those who have a love tum, because it reduces the attention to the stomach. Again, there been a huge trend of bare necks snooping around among celebrities so make sure you have nice hand bling on the night.

I could spend all day browsing through some potential prom styles from the  Cannes, but gosh that’ll take up of your day! I hope however, the three editions of the prom prix was fun, interesting and easier for you when looking for your dress, because that’s the next thing you’ll be thinking about once exams are done.

I’ll also use this opportunity for any feedback so if you have something to say. Please comment below people. Many thanks for following ❤ ❤ <3.


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