Kimye’s Officially Married! Now It’ll Take The Test Of Time To Test Their Commitment

Kimye are now officially Mr & Mrs West. Even though Kim will still keep her Kardashian name.


Many us are excited about the couple. I mean ‘whayhey’ they’ve tied the knot, they have a child together. So what could possibly go wrong? It’s argued that both have had their share of bad relationships. Kim Kardashian has been married three times, with the last one lasting 72 days (making money out of it). Kanye West used to go out with Amber Rose. After their breakup, Rose spoke out about how abusive Kanye West was to her because he always expected her to look nice 24/7 all the time. Currently, the  media are buzzing to get the pictures of the wedding. I feel like that they may be in for disappointment as Kanye West wants to keep certain things private (even though he thinks to some extent that he’s Jesus). Hence no wonder, the wedding this time was intimate at the 16th century Forte di Belvedere at Florence.

I can remember watching ‘My Wife & Kids’ when Junior’s parents (Michael and Jay) wanted to organised his wedding with Vanessa. His statement was very profound to his Dad: ‘I don’t want the wedding that you had, I want the marriage that you have.’  Now wait a minute now folks, don’t get me wrong, if you can afford a lavish wedding, go for it. Here’s my concern — many women dream of  a big wedding like the celebrities and would sadly, go to extreme lengths to get the wedding that would get them into massive debt. It’s almost like the standard. I have no idea as to when the cost of a ring with a huge carat shows how much a man loves you because for some reason, there’s competition to have the biggest unique carat engagement ring (that are not the ones in the Argos books). In some way, it’s arguable that a man job is to fulfill the needs of the woman. The reason why women want to date men with loads of money is due to the a sense of security in a man. Back in the day, women used to look nice and presentable in order to get married. With feminism here and standing, men are increasing being pushed down the ladder. With women with many jobs with higher salary pay, men are finding it harder to survive and fulfill the needs of their women who desires the ‘good life’ of celebrities. I even saw an article from the Guardian by a male who speaks out about his frustrations of men getting an expensive engagement ring in order to show their love for their fiance I thought of Jennifer Lopez ‘s ‘my love don’t cost a thing thing thing…’

It’ll only take the test of time to test their commitment. Kanye West has had a crush on this girl for ‘tymmmmmmmmmmmmme.’ For the majority of you Kimye lovers, taking on the expressions of their body language towards each other, believe that it’ll last as long Jay & Bey.

For now, let’s raise our glasses…


One thought on “Kimye’s Officially Married! Now It’ll Take The Test Of Time To Test Their Commitment

  1. Thanks for finally talking about >K GO GO | Kimyes Officially Married!

    Now Itll Take The Test Of Time To Test Their Commitment <Liked it!

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