SWAG: Chantelle Brown-Young Is A Breakthrough For #ANTM 21

Dang, people should stop using the v word for this girl! Accept the fact that she’s got swag. Honestly, she’s has made every self-loathing black woman feel shameful about herself. I mean look at her, she has a skin condition that almost cost her suicide and yet she is living life like there’s no tomorrow. While you’re here bleaching heavily to be ‘oyinbo’. People need to stop thinking this box of what beauty is. I mean all of this ideal propaganda looks has made many us either depressed, down and low #futothebeautystandard. OUR DIFFERENCES MAKES US UNIQUE.

Image: http://www.mtv.co.uk

I remember when I was younger that I can recall a woman from my church having the same skin condition. Being a child I was scared but then as I grew up I’m like ‘you know what FORGET this world, there are people who have life threatening physiques and yet they’re living better than me and I’m not helping by being discriminating.’

It’s people like her that I want to be friends with. She’s no different, she’s human. She has a soul, an eye, an outlook towards life and that’s what makes her richer than any reality-star-wannabe who wishes to be big with loads of money. Wow, our capitalist society really sucks.

Her attitude is the middle finger to all those who bullied her. Those that called her ‘cow’ or ‘zebra’, she’s  ‘# laughing now, she’s laughing now now now-w-w-w # ‘ (Jessie J). She’s on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 (which I need to watch). With an ‘#…eye of an tiger, a fighter, dancingthrough the fire cos she’s is a champion…#’

Yes ladies and gentlemen; she’s a lion, roaring on top of the world.

Shout out to the haters! 😛

I need to watch the last cycles…I love this show man! I believe they’re airing is now in the States? Pleaseeee God let it come to the UK (fingers crossed). Plus, some of the men are attractive and handsome too 🙂 ;).


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