Films 2014: “La Bare” – The Male Stripper’s Perspective

I’ve mentioned previously that females are also the guilty in this no-win war between the sexes. Beginning with the men who have implemented the lustful-for-sex-sanctification in the first place.

Whilst many females are getting excited of Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike”  second installment (which I know would be hot) Joe Manganiello releases a questionable, ‘slightly depressing’ red-band trailer of his documentary about male strippers in “La Bare” (Metro). Uh huh, “Magic Mike” is about to get a reality-doco-check.

It’s about a male Dallas strip club that’s been around since 1978, the boys who are every women’s (and men) fantasy of the ideal man…

I understand that we have the feminist movement (# who run the world? Girls #). Now don’t get me wrong, it has helped women in many way such as access to education, finding works etc, but the side-effect is now on its toll. It’s making women being destructive in terms of accountability. Leaving the man to have a male crisis with himself of what being a man is. While women think that they don’t look at guys in a sexual way with female past-times like this.  Then we fall back on our words saying that ‘there aren’t good men around’. It’s becoming a battleground between Mars & Venus for everything; jobs, children, property and power, instead of Mars compliment Venus and Venus compliment Mars.

(Sigh) us women are very complicated. God bless all of the good guys that’s been putting up with our attitude.


Many feminists would go on the bandwagon as to how women are being used as strippers. Sorry to cut you off but isn’t also bad as women getting male strippers as well? Or you think we don’t get hot under the collar in the same way that men have some issue of controlling the most powerful thing that’s in between their legs? I don’t support female abusers, nor do I support male ones either.

I don’t even know whether this Joe Manganiello’s is going to solve the issue of the everyday-superhero male crisis. You know, the one that we see in like Batman, Superman. With the only exception is that our superheroes are those who look after themselves, their family, bringing it hard both in the home…and in the bedroom.


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