Michael Jackson’s New Hologram & Album ‘Xscape’: TBH — Nothing Will Be Better Than The Real Man Himself


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Let’s do this homie.

Holograms. It’s a new technology ‘april fooling’ many of us. First, it was the Tupac hologram at the Coachella Festival 2012 with Snoop Dogg; now it’s the King of Pop at 2014’s Billboards Awards, which by the way, will soon become a temple of the global prince. Give it like 50 years or something.

Adding on to the illusion-resurrection-of-the-new-technological-phenomenon, the new album ‘Xscape’ has the revolutionary legend wearing an extraterrestrial galactic space outfit; containing tracks of unreleased songs that have been autotuned. Hence no wonder, there are the original versions on the tracklist also.

Image: hellobeautiful.com

Prior to the little-sense-of-humour-of-conscious-reasoning, may I ask as to who was a fan of Tupac and Michael Jackson when they were alive? Man, did they made some ‘sick’ tracks. Oh apologies! I’m now writing to you readers like my ‘homies’, ‘bredrin’ … whatever the new phrase is now for friend. Allow me to recompose my writing…

Who’s also aware of their ongoing conflict with the mainstream industry? For one, Michael Jackson didn’t and never agreed with their evil agenda, which in affect caused them to bleached his skin and mess up his life by calling him a ‘paedo’ according to many conspirators, who have become victimized, killed and laughed at by many for telling us that in reality they’ve been giving us faeces that has been covered up in chocolate.

It’s even said that Michael Jackson’s death has been conspired according to his younger sister Latoya Jackson and his kids. The whole ‘wahala’ to Jackson’s life was due to the fact that he didn’t want to sell off the rights of his records to the elite-maffia behind Sony. In the case of Tupac, he didn’t wanted to become some ‘sisi hoax’ by Quicy Jones in addition to breaking the Bavardian oath. The validity of this claim is still tested. Unless you know otherwise, because he proper talked about his inner battles with the industry on the level of the economically and psychic. With a few disses to Dr Dre of being indecisive about his sexual preferences.

You see the parallel with the hologram performance of Michael Jackson? Not only did they use a ‘lookalike’, the graphics as well as the track ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ (which is no coincidence) made him what they wanted him to be a victim to the system. I thought both of them were sacrificed because they wanted to leave the maffia-crew-of-retarded-sexual-merciless-money-hungry-folks. Similarly with Tupac singing his popularized hip-hop songs like ‘Gangster Party’ rather than songs like ‘Changes’ and ‘Until The End of Time’.

‘Nawawo’ (Nigerian accent).

In the midst of the sick world run by the beautiful global prince who’s ruthless to the soul, there’s still a strong sense of those who are spreading the light of truth. Michael Jackson’s album went straight to number one in the UK album charts with it’s entry in number 2 in the US Billboard Charts. Tupac is still highly rated as the legendary rapper among Asians as well as Blacks who grew up with listening to conscious-made-you-think rap artists, placing people like Lil’Wayne and 2 Chainz down the drain. Afterall, rap has become pop now right?

In closing, we are going to see more of these holograms. Nevertheless, whether it’ll make people weep, cry and full of praise, it’ll never replace the existence of the being themselves. Nothing beats the real King of Pop. Anything otherwise would be considered mental rape.

Another day for the many of us to eat chocolate covered faeces (i.e pooh).



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