Prom Pre-Nup ‘Secondare’: Cannes, Billboards & BAFTA Television Awards 2014

Three events last weekend: one film festival and two awards ceremonies taking place in France, United Kingdom and United States. I’ve already given you a quick free round of my unprofessional-unlicensed-non-expertise advice of Cannes 2014. Now here’s what I call, the ‘secondare’. You should know me by now that I have a weird way of making new words.

Throughout the weekend, celebrities across the of music and entertainment industries have given us more style choices for the prom season. Yes, there’s more to flick, browse and stare through.

Eva Green

Anyone want to dare to wear the burgundy red?


What she done right: Very dark and mysterious. The Elle Saab dress seems to be more of a dark tonne than that of Blake Lively.

Prom suggest: If you”re those type of people with a rock, grungy medieval edge then this is for you. It may be hard to purchase this type of dress nowadays. So you may have to look deeper into maybe vintage stores that cater to prom dresses. The great thing is that red compliment pale complexions too.

Eva Longoria

Yay! Sister has reedemed herself.

What she done right: Celebrities have always had an issue of trial and error and Ms Longoria is no exception. We can remember what happened last year right with a sneek peek of her world under the green dress (I have no clue as to why that photographer was such a perve to spot that. He must have paid loads of money to get that picture in the media).

From this:


to this:


It’s an upgrade style to 100.

My hands are raised, this year she shone as the classic glamour siren. She knows it she looks good (and comfortable).

You can never get enough of white dress. Hers can be the classic wedding dress for many women — with a few customisation. She got the right dress to suit her hourglass bodyshape. Alongside the silver jewellery…you can never go wrong with that.

Prom suggest: These dresses are preferable on women with pear/hour glass figures. In the case of prom, fish-tail dresses are the dime. However a bit of floor trail should do the trick in order for you to move around. Plus, you can get similar versions in other colours.

Nicki  Minaj

Keeping the Young Money Cash Money swag in black.

Belles of the ball! Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Nicki Minaj (from left) were three of Hollywood's hottest songstresses to watch as they hit the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, flashing the flesh in their very different but equally striking ensembles


What she done right: It’s so much easier to wear black but Minaj made sure that her black dress had some ‘va va voom’ with the laser cut. The only downfall is that you can see a little bit of the ‘babaloons’ (breasts) coming out at the bottom :S. Oh well, shes not perfect. On the bright side , at least she understands that if you going to show your cleavage, you must cover your legs.

Prom suggests: Laser cut dresses? Erm, I don’t know guys, because most girls are very uncomfortable getting a laser cut prom dress. Unless you have a hot-bod of course in addition to getting the dress in the hottest colours of the season, which are orange and green.

Cher Llyod

Whether you like it or not she’s living well and comfortably in the U.S of A and her dress saids it all.

Party starter: Cher Lloyd posed in her pretty and unusual purple lace frock by Mikael D before taking to the stage to entertain the crowd on the red carpet


What she done right: If you’re young, cute and ‘fyne’ as your mama then right now, Llyod is your inspiration. Not only did she pick a cute dress from Mikael D, it was also in the summer bloom of purple. With the couture detail of the embellishments, all she needed to do was to wear rings. She would have had a choice to wear a baby-doll dress or to wear something that has made her a style icon among her fans.

Prom suggests: I understand that there’s a tradition of wearing floor like gowns and balls like dresses. Prom is fierce competition but my advice is ‘stand out’. Represent you! It’s easy to get baby doll prom dresses, but for you petite ladies out there, you look hot with short lace frocks with cute embellishments. You may not be able to get one exactly like Llyod’s on the high street but you definitely find a few, if not better with your budget. In terms of accessories…it depends on the lace frock itself and colour.

Iggy Azalea (or as I call her Iggy AZ).

Non-rap-crap-flow: Who dat dat? It’s I.G.GY, wearing a Zuhair Murad gown looking fly.


Making her homeland proud: Aussie songstress Iggy Azalea chose an unusual burgundy Zuhair Murad gown featuring long delicate sheer lace sleeves and bodice with a draped halterneck overlay covering her modesty that flowed down into a draped floor-length skirt


What she done right: We all know that she has an envious figure and this unusual dress was beautiful on her. She has chosen the unusual burgundy with drapes! Again, since she hasn’t got her ears pierced, she’s stucked with a few simple rings.

Prom suggests: Drape dresses? They might not have the bodice, but the idea of having one isn’t such as  bad idea. Any girl, whatever her figure, can rock-it-to-the-nines.


Nothing bad in color-blocking two complimentary colours together eh?

Triple threat! Dencia (left) flaunted her best asset as she turned her back on the cameras in her long-sleeved floor-length red embellished gown; news reporter Shaneen Quarles accentuated her curves in a figure-hugging black and gold gown; while Estelle chose a bright orange and navy blue number

What she done right: She’s taken a risk with the rose accessories. Her grey clutch with navy blue heels and minimal jewellery. Her dress is already doing the talking so why does she need statement pieces?

Prom suggests: Purple and yellow, yellow and green, blue and pink are many of the few combinations under the fluorescent bright trends. However, with Estelle’s dress, the navy neutralizes the bright orange. Split dresses are in this summer, available in casual and occasional, therefore, grab yourself one! Hey, it’s summer so get some breeze into them legs. To lengthen your legs wear platform heels. However, as Lupita N’yongo shown…Black people can rock any colour.


This is her best ever yet. She looks $$$$.

Full-on glamour: The 27-year-old posed like a pro, showing off all the stunning angles of the frock, which included a large black bow on the back, while she wore her new soft pink tresses up in a pretty curly up-do


What she done right: The lace detail around the bodice  gives it a Gothic feel. It’s not the typical glamour siren gown, but one of a eerie glamour. Surprisingly, it’s actually black and white but the lace overlay creates a colour of grey.

Prom suggest: What makes her dresses tick is the back detail of the back bow. If you’re able to find a smashing dress with back bow detail, you’re on to a winner. Perhaps even with prom queen. :D.

Rochelle Humes

Mrs Humes becoming a fashion icon? Ticking all of the right boxes chica with the monochrome.

Chic: Rochelle Humes wore a black and white form-fitting gown while Liberty X star Jessica Taylor opted for a white peep-hole floor-length dress


What she done right: Monochrome, it’s the oldest look in the book that can be reinvented to suit the fashion inspiration of the season. It’s the common look that we see many celebrities in. Her dress is an upgrade to a new league a classic woman  with the black illusion her figure, while the white figure nicely around her waist, draping along the side, with the matching statement earrings and small clutch bag.

Prom suggest: Want a chic look ladies? If the answer is yes then the advice is simple, a small clutch bag with statement earrings. If you get fed up with colours and it’s making you insecure of how you look on the night (as well all have them days), monochrome is the easy way out. You might not have a drape, but as long as you look prom-chic-to-the-nines

Susanna Reid

Nice to bright up the TV Baftas in pink.

Susanna Reid


What she did right: The details in the dress are effortless with her silver accessories

Prom suggest: This type of dress, in my opinion shouldn’t be a challenge to find and purchase on the high-street. They may have  few of diamante embellishments in few places (e.g. on the straps, shoulders or hips) but the stitchwork is till amazing. Like Reid, you can match the up with silver accessories if it’s a simple draped non-embellished dress. Take a risk with salmon pink for your prom.

Ophelia Lovibond 

The British beauty in pink

Pretty in pink: Ophelia Lovibond war a vintage-inspire brocade dress and carried a Lulu Guinness lip-shaped clutch bag


What she done right: Her dress is vintage from the past. She’s updated her look by teaming it with a silver clutch lovebad.

Prom suggest Go vintage for your prom! Ophelia’s has a vintage feel to it, with a funky clutch bag.

Gosh, another round of the ‘secondare’ prom pre-nup.  I hope this was an interesting fun way to think about what to wear. I have more posts to blog  today so keep it locked and follow.

I appreciate the support.

Enjoy the sun while you can! xx

Feel free to comment below.


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