Prom Pre-Nup: Style Breeze Of Cannes 2014 Red Carpet

Cannes Film Festival is on the ultimate film gala where you have to be ‘somebody’ (nobodies are not allowed. Unless you’re a photographer, personal blogger or someone who presents for a strong media house).

Despite being exam season, I’m going straight ahead with this blog pre-nup (look don’t be hating on my words) of some options for every girls best time of year PROM PROM PROM.

Zoe Soldana

Her Victoria Beckham is certainly #brava #brava!


What she done right: White dresses never go out of fashion. Especially in the summer time. The pleated details made it less of challenge.

Prom Suggest: It’s not very difficult to find a pleated prom dress on the high street, as they’re usually within the limited collection ranges that are exclusively available online. If you’re of mixed-race/black/asian then white always fits well. Only problem is the vigilant surveillance of avoiding it getting it stained :/.

Blake Lively

If you’re taller then a 5’8 then her look should be your inspiration.


What she done right: The burgundy Gucci gown with the classic split is spot with elegant accessories…I’m saying in a nutshell that she allowed the dress to do the talking.

Prom Suggest: Many girls would want a floor gown type of dress for the prom. Majority of the time THERE’S NO NEED! If you’re one of these ladies then just an elegant gown with a classic split is fine. Also don’t forget to get yourself a natural tan if you’re thinking to wear bright colours.

Nicole Kidman

If you’re the natural and not into the tanning, wearing pale skin with the right colour dress can make you a classic beauty (I heard that in the Victorian times, women used to hide themselves from the sun).


What she done right: Ah! The Armani Prive dress! With the embellished detail. Due to the dress, she worn a complimentary bracelet and chandelier earrings.

Prom Suggest: This is the ideal dream dress many girls would want to have in terms of the bodice. However it doesn’t suit everyone so ladies, be honest with yourself. Blues compliment well with pale skin. Dresses with strong/heavy embellished details will not only make your dress #fashionenvy but reduces the need of you having a necklace. Complimentary earrings and a exquisite bracelet do just fine. Purchasing a dress that has extra Cinderella like layers like Kidman’s will make you a dime at the prom ball…with a lovely prince by your side ;)!

Well, that was short and sweet wasn’t it. Keep your ideas in the back of your minds. For now, ace those exams girls. Good luck xxxx.


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