EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Danity Kane: ‘Lemonade’ (ft Tyga)

The return of Danity Kane.

Image: http://www.necolebitchie.com

These ladies are back with a ‘BANG, WE’VE ARRIVED’  attitude with their new track ‘Lemonade’ and peeps, they sound hotter than ever and still sticking to their Bad-Boy influences of Hip/Hop and R&B that they had in the 00’s. Have a first listen after the jump.

Summer has arrived and this track is definitely got us ready to give our ‘haterz’ (who are hating on many of us for no damn reason) some # lemonade, lemonade; lemonade lemonade #

Glad to have you back ladies!


One thought on “EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Danity Kane: ‘Lemonade’ (ft Tyga)

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