The Upgrade Of The Batman Combat: Which One Do You Prefer?

I think many Dark Knight fans are undivided about Ben Affleck playing Batman (please reference to my previous post “Films 2015 EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck As Batman in Man of Steel 2).

Synder gave fans a sneak peek of Ben Affleck in his new role as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

Image: &

With tweets ranging from this:

‘1st look at Ben Affleck as #Batman it doesn’t disappoint!! Very Frank Miller derived, LOVE IT. I’m ready #Batfleck’


‘This comparison is crazy! Affleck’s resembles old classy comics much whereas Bale’s look futuristic cool! #Batman’


to this:

the new #batman, Ladies and gents meet Ben Affleck. But how much is too much buffing up?’


‘I don’t care what anyone says…I think it’s very progressive…them giving that mentally handicapped boy a chance to  play #batman.’


 I can see that many are intrigued with the new film, which will have its release next year 2015. From browsing I spotted some deep tweets! That’s only if you’re able to read between the lines. I conclude that the suit is taking us back to the old skool combat Batman. However, I wonder if there can be a better picture? Guess I have to hold on tight for next year.

Even though the new combat is great. I can’t help  but keep in the back of my mind that Christian Bale is much better for the role. Anyways, we are all getting ahead  of ourselves. Let’s see what the numbers will tell us next year. Roll on 2015.


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