Awkwafina: “The Yellow Ranger” Who Shows No Remorse For Her Heritage, Identity & Rap

Many of us are used to seeing Black or White rappers making it mainstream, but for Asian rappers to be in the rap game…


Browsing through the intergalactic world of Youtube is enough to know that they are out there. Giving their salute to the Black Hip-Hop/Rap heavyweights (salute to B.I.G, Tupac, Nas, Mos Def…) as well as other Asian rappers who have lyrically-flipped the the whole concept of the English language upon its head.

If you thought Iggy Azalea caused a HUGE debate about being the first white female to pursue what many would refer to as ‘pop-rap’ (after all, many see her as a pop artist, not rap artist), then Awkwafina isn’t an exception. In fact, she’s considered to many Asian-Americans (that’s if I’m correct) to be a trailblazer; opening the door to a genre that has brought the international world together — in terms of B-boy, breakdancing, sportwear, sneakers and snapbacks are concerned.

Celebrating everything from her heritage to her vagina, the New York native brings her own comical trademark to rapping; eliminating the pressures in the industry to progress into a ‘stereotype’. It’s her outspokenness about her ‘world’ down there that has given her praise and critics. Feminists have discredit her song “My Vag” for degrading women. Whether Miss Awkwafin intended or deliberately wanted the masses to interpret the song in an negative way I’ll leave her to answer.

Obtaining a college degree, it seems that Awkwafina is highly intelligent about the world that we all live in. The more her popularity grows, the more that she’s going to face the music. One things for sure, no parent is going to allow their daughters to listen to her obscene pragmatical lyrics.

Regardless of her increasing mainstream views of her music videos and her fanbase (the Awkwafinas), she shows no remorse for the type of material she releases.


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