#BringBackOurGirls Boko Haram: Loose Ends, Hidden Questions, Sinister Motives and African Uncertainty

Did anyone question as to when Nigeria started beginning to have terrorism? Like EVER?

Afterall, we Christians and Muslims have always lived side by side. Many believe in the fairness, prosperity and equal opportunities to all people and that government should be of integrity, transparency.

Therefore, the first bombing on Nigeria’s 50th Independence Day at the US Embassy by the so called Boko Haram marked a chapter of serious bombings. It’s been said that a whistle blower has warned the Federal Government about their existence before, but the Government refused to bulge.

Now that the international media has taken it’s time to make this news (afterall, it’s not like they care about Black female students), President Goodluck Johnathan has asked for ‘help’ from the imperialist nations of the Caucasian race: the United States, France and United Kingdom. Many celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and the First Lady Michelle Obama have called for action.

Whilst many Nigerians (as well as Africans) are illusioned that this is a great move, a strong majority are concerned about the intervention of other nations interfering with the search. Firstly, there’s a suspicion of another recolonization of the country and that the ‘war on terror’  (AFRICOM) is another cover up to tamper with the resources that should be respectively in the rights of the African. Let’s not forget, the British made slavery a business and the division of land into countries and labeling them is another way to use  Africa as a scapegoat whilst brainwashing the masses of a fantasy wars in Africa and the West. Honestly, Johnathan don’t need the imperialists countries. For one, they’re at a thread economically and are enemies of China and Russia; two countries that have different system and are leaders of the new Eastern empire. Learning from the past, we should also be very careful with China and Russia. Yes, I understand that they’re pumping money into Africa, with the Chinese helping us with the infrastructure nevertheless, lets keep our eyes opened. So right now its a tug of war between the West and China & Russia. Only that these countries understand the evil tactics of the West. They are doing more than what the West ever done in the last 400 years.

Secondly, European interference only means bloody consequences. Many Nigerian journalists have highlighted the US Intelligence role in the overthrowing of Murtala Muhammad and the fall of Nigeria through militant Babandiga. A CIA agent who opened the door for receiving money from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, only for the money to be used for the lavish corruption.

Looking in the ‘war of terrorism’ since 2001, the as well as revelations from activists behind the fall of Libya, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, a few questions have arisen.

Do they want use terrorism as a way to cause war in Africa for ‘bloody money?’ What if the Boko Haram are not Nigerian? What is the accurate number of girls kidnapped? Who was there when they came to the school? Weren’t they suspicious? Who is the representative that has been making deals with Boko Haram? Is it part of agenda to cause havoc between Christians and Muslims? In additional to dividing the nation into North and South? Is this a way to punish Nigeria for making strong ties with China? Are they jealous that Nigeria is the most populous country of melanin, with an economy growing faster than the time it took for the West to be civilized? What if the whole thing is a fake? Making way of Nigeria’s destruction as a state? Where are the girls that escaped? Shouldn’t they be able to help us?

My questions are there to ponder. This is essential that a structure must be in place in the Federal Government. We should also blame the state government for not taking action as quickly as possible. Which leads to another question, Nigeria has always lead the way of military forces in Africa. Isn’t it fishy that this slow response isn’t Nigerian? Has anyone suspected that it’s another way to discredit Nigeria in Africa? 

I leave you with this to think.

Stage 1: Pakistanizing Nigeria

With the scourge of Boko Haram as an existential reality, in the coming months the spate of bombings and attacks on public buildings are likely to escalate. High value symbolic targets like churches, mosques and large congregations of people of both faiths will be targeted. There will also be escalation in provocative statements and incitements by groups to violence. For good measure and effect, the bombings and attacks will be staged on days of observance of religious activities. The goal is to exacerbate tension and mutual suspicion among adherents of the two faiths in Nigeria and leading to sectarian violence. This pattern of destabilization operation is taken out of the Pakistani manual of destabilization where a sustained spate of CIA sponsored bombings and sectarian violence stretched the ability and resources of the law and order agencies to cope rendering the country weak and vulnerable to foreign intervention.

Stage 2: Internationalizing the Crisis

Having the set the stage for an intractable sectarian violence pitting Christians against Muslims and between the various disparate groups in the country, there will be calls from the United States, European Union and United Nations for a halt to the violence. A plethora of advocacy groups around the world will struggle for the photo opportunity to mouth concerns about the carnage and humanitarian catastrophe. They will try to make a great show of providing humanitarian aid. For effect, there will be carpet bombing coverage by the International media on the Nigerian crisis with so-called experts discussing all the ramifications who will strive to create the impression that only benevolent foreign intervention could resolve the crisis.

There will be a deluge of international conferences at various capitals around the world all ostensibly aimed to save Nigerians from themselves. Meanwhile away from all the public flurry of activities, the US which initiated the crisis in the first place will be secretly drawing up plans to carve outNigeria for its strategic and economic benefits.

Stage 3: the Great Carve out under UN Mandate

Following worldwide outrage at the scale of carnage resulting from all out war among various sections of Nigeria secretly induced by the United States and its allies, the stage will now shift to the United Nations where debates will take place on how the world body will work to resolve the crisis.

There will be proposals first for an international peace keeping force to intervene and separate the warring groups and or for a UN mandate for various parts of Nigeria to come under mandated occupying powers. Of course behind the scenes the US and its allies would have secretly worked out which areas of Nigeria to occupy guided as it were by naked economic interests.

It is trite really which power or powers eventually occupies Nigeria for whatever reasons. By the time the UN comes to take a decision to hand over Nigeria for occupation under its mandate, no part of Nigeria will emerge or profit truly from the exercise. The rump areas of Nigeria will all come under occupation and puppet governments will then be set up at the behest of the occupying powers. Nigeria’s fall will be like that of humpty-dumpty, into pieces beyond recognition.

The main beneficiary will of course be the United States which started all this in the first place and which will be there to profit at the end. By engineering the break up of Nigeria, the United States would have eliminated a potential continental rival paving the way to the institution of a Pax Americana in Africa and secondly it would have limited its main global strategic rival China from direct access to badly needed energy and other mineral resources on the resource rich African continent.

In case you haven’t realise, the West colonisation have operated under ‘divide and rule, divide and conquer’. The operation is a subversion! History has shown that white inferiority is what makes them do illicit acts. War brings money. I understand that the article is long. So here are few pointers to highlight and examine as the story progresses:

1. Boko Haram are ‘…youths from poor, deprived and disoriented backgrounds are recruited and trained to serve as insurgents.’  The CIA have camps on the borderline of ‘porous and vulnerable borderlands of Niger, Chad and Cameroon’ and are poisoned by these agents  ‘with the promise of better life and work of Allah and further indoctrinated to believe they are working to install a just Islamic order from the ungodly one that currently holds sway in Nigeria.’ Other than that they’re supervised by Middle Eastern origin.

2. The places bombed have been mapped out before hand by the US Embassy of Nigeria.

3. At times they drugged by the CIA during suicide bombings. The person is out of their mindset and don’t know what they’re doing. Other than that the weapons are kept in safe houses ‘After the attack, in the ensuing panic, the insurgents make their escape into safe houses to dispose the weapons and disappear and dissolve later into the local population. The technical angle of sending out e-mails and messages of responsibility for the attack to the media in the name of Boko Haram is done through secure telecoms equipment by the American programmers of the operation which can hardly be traced.’

4. Humanitarian aid is a deception for the US economic grab of resources.

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The one thing I learned is this, when a non-white person places the middle finger against Western ‘interests’ he/she will severely suffer  blackmail, assassination and imprisonment. This also include Black people, because we have always rocked and done things better than them and have construct of natural rights of unity towards God, family and the environment. The West wants to dictate their deception of CONTROL. We want Pan-African independance. Therefore, the kidnapped girls are baits for a wider agenda.



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