Spectulation Surrounding Miley Cyrus’ Drug Denial

Phew! You Cyrus fans must really be thanking God by now that she didn’t cancel her tour dates in the United Kingdom. Therefore it raises questions as to whether the so called ‘drug-overdose’ rumour was either a publicity stunt to get the media pumped for her arrival for her  UK’s ‘Bangerz’ tour or a situation to set the record straight by confirming that she don’t ‘do no drugs’ (well, not really) and it was due to getting an allergic reaction to her perspective antibiotics according to the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and BBC reports.

Image: http://www.billboard.com

Well, she did say that she was in some hospital.  Many people, without thinking, would assume that she was hospitalized. Oh the rumours, the romours! You can never believe anything. EVER!

Still, this is a great way to begin Summer 2014. We got the Commonwealth, Word Cup and A**acts such as Drake, Kanye West and Iggy Azalea headlining Wireless. Yes peeps, the tickets are officially sold out and the press accreditation to the event is going to be tight-to-the-nines.

Miley started with a banger last night, with a few er…swearwords in between. Despite the mishaps of a few tour cancels due to the hospitalization, Cyrus seems to be raring to go. Howwwwever many of us can’t help but be suspicious at the back of our minds with the suspense questions of  ‘what ifs’. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the opinions of many who think that she’s a freak (judging by the amount of times she kept touching and exposing the ‘motherland’ in the images. I can bet that she’s not wearing no knickers).



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