Moises Arias, You’re Now In Hot Water With This Photo

I guess the ultimate response would be between the spectrum of crickets and ‘wtf,’ ‘uh oh!’ or ‘omg’.

What if I said that he was a family friend? Does that help? Or that him and her brother Jaden have known each other for years? Has it relieved your expressions of  ‘omfg’, ‘wtf’ and ‘uh oh’? Nah?

Posted: The black and white photos have been shared on social media and also appears on her friend Kylie Jenner's website

Image: and

I leave you to ponder as to how her parents can be so free about letting their child get into a relationship with someone that is almost a college student. That’s every dad/brother/uncles nightmare; hearing that their early adolescent female relative has a intimate relationship with someone who is almost equivalent to a college student…

But wait a minute, why are the media making it look like they have an intimate relationship? Besides, I can see that she’s fully clothed. So what’s the hype?

Well, it’s the psychological hype of attention-without-reasoning with the headlines hinting that they’re ‘sleeping’ together. It’s said that a ‘picture means 1,000 words.’ So for example, if Harry Styles was photographed (paparazzi) in the car with Kendall Jenner, people will think that they’re dating, which leads to rumours that will spread across the social media, followed by distorted-stories-our-of-context as well as 24/7 obsessed surveillance by fans. For crying out loud, what’s wrong with a boy and girl being in good-clean-non-sexual-friends? Plus, I’m disappointed in Mr Arias; he should have known better and never let it been posted on anyone’s instagram. It’s now placed him in hot water with her parents. Therefore learning from this, it’s best to keep boyfriends (a boy who is your friend) out of the bedroom.  It’s the oldest trick in the book.


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