Great That Lupita Tops People’s Magazine List; But Seriously, When Did Us Black Folks Needed To Seek Beauty Recognition From The Mainstream?

The hype and post-traumatic-slavery-disorder-obsession of colorism in the black community has sparked another round (don’t know how many) criticism, praise and debate about the stupid dark skin vs light skin.


For goodness sake people. Have we had enough debating about this? Should we start boycotting the Black magazines that promote this division? Afterall, there’s a host of Black media that are guilty of continuing the whole ‘white/light is right’ agenda. Shouldn’t celebrities clearly state to the photo editors that they shouldn’t lighten/whiten the skin in their advertising billboards for their beauty products that clearly fades dark spots and pigments?

You even have a minority-majority of white men loving, worshiping and adoring it now a days, which at certain occasions, can lead to a ride-or-dye love. Having the benefits of the melanin is a gift and is, no matter how insecure, detested, depressed or loving you are about it, is envied and sadly killed for.

I mean, you have protection of the sun, youth and natural beauty. Something that has been artificially sought for with youth creams and tanning. What’s the sad part is that many of our brothers would even consider Lupita not pretty due to her skin. I understand that this is very a paperbag-mud-duck operation in the MANY parts of the world and Africa is no exception. Due to this there’s been strife. The dark skin girl hates on the light skin girl because they’re ‘taking all the men’ and ‘thinks she’s all that’, while the light skin will be like ‘they’re jealous or hating’, without acknowledging the difference between the foundation history of  house slave and field slave (William Lynch agenda of division with shade, gender and age). I’m not going to the jumble-rumble of info, but it’s been said that those in the house suffered less brutality than those in the fields. House slaves were given better privileges and one of them was to get duties where they controlled the slaves of the field so it gave them a higher status. Many Black people in the Western-sphere seem to forget that all female slaves suffered the same amount of arranged marriages, forced matings, brutality and rapes  from the masters, their sons and overseers. Therefore, hearing that those of fairer complexion are considered close to whites or are seen as sexual pleasures should be similarly offensive as seeing the dark complexion female as the ‘b****’, whereby her man would have gone on an errand and the master would come into her cabin and have his share. Hey, they were allowed. Irrespective of whether he was married with kids or not. Then those mixed-race kids were considered whites if the mother was a house slave and she bared a son for the master (hence why the silly one-drop black blood rule). If it was the other way round, the masters wife would be shunned by society and the kid will be called the offensive label of another b word. In most cases, that mixed raced baby will either be raised by a slave mother, disposed of or even killed. So the idea of a white woman sleeping with a black man was an fantasy. Funny how things have changed nowadays.

Now in Hip Hop, you see exotic women with big butts and boobs in the videos and being the love interest. I think ALL Black women should be embraced. The idea of race is a damaging concept because it dictates the fate of ones life and conditions one to keep living in the status quo. Nevertheless, those who’ve pushed through have shown resilience and strife that parallel to the superiority and shown that EVERYONE should have the same amount of prosperity and happiness.

Many critics have said that having Lupita Nyong’o shows that Black women are useless in society and have highlighted that the media continues to make melanin women (especially the darker complexion) nothing more than the mistress on the side and have quoted ‘Scandal’, ‘Monster’s Ball’ and Lupita’s role in ’12 Years Of A Slave’ as examples as to how they keep placing the women as the ‘baby mama’ hoe. Hmmm will Lupita would have received the same amount of praise if she played a Queen in a movie? Or as a heroine that lead a male army?

Regardless of exposure, there’s a lot of us black women out there, who are even considered more beautiful than Lupita, whether the choco-moccha-caramel or the blue black. It all comes down to the beauty of the beholder. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. With all variation of our curves that was once ridiculed for and exploited for sex, which still continues in Hip Hop and is among one of the negative stereotypes from other races about Black women. Nevertheless, we as a race have always been beautiful and should embrace our differences. Therefore, I think it’s time that we should renew our minds and remember that in reality we already rock in all the colours of the melanin under the sun. Hostility towards each other should seriously stop. So my friend, ditch the bleaching cream please THEY ARE NOT HEALTHY EITHER (especially on darker skin pigments).


My point: it’s not until the mainstream media places a black woman on the cover that we should start feeling good about ourselves! Geez. Majority of mainstream magazines have never validated our beauty everyday in the first place, so why should we  seek their recognition? #justathought.



4 thoughts on “Great That Lupita Tops People’s Magazine List; But Seriously, When Did Us Black Folks Needed To Seek Beauty Recognition From The Mainstream?

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    for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem on my
    end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem
    still exists.

    • Thanks. It really doesn’t make sense. That’s why I don’t believe the media. I feel it’s just propaganda. It’s almost like a mind game. Every melanin is beautiful under the sun and I feel that if God made everyone the same then the world would be just boring. I also listen to some things from Dr Valentine which is I believe is true about Black women. Just a bit sad that many are very ignorant about the world around them. I even see in comments on YouTube with a few pointing out that many white men (not all) bash black women all the time. It’s all an European construct that black people have failed to understand and have conditioned themselves to smuck in the mud. As I’ve said before the real enemies are the ones probe as heroes. I appreciate the credit, just a deep conscious thinker on dumbed down by technology, media and propaganda… Make sure you follow, I keep bringing interesting posts. I’m reading yours now. Xxxx

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