Nicki (Minaj)’s New Chapter Of The ‘Naturale’

Apart from the shocker of sweet Peaches (Geldof)’s passing, Minaj’s change in fashion and look was another WOW!.

Let’s be real, she was known for her flamboyant style of wigs, make-up, costumes and egos. I even heard people comparing her to the Black version of Lady Gaga. Awww, reminiscing the ‘Black Barbie’ days…



Now with her new look. She has given all women (especially us melanin  sisters) a thumbs up! Plus, she has proven many ‘wrong sayers’ (yep it’s a made up word) who think that many women wear wigs and never look after their God-given-born-from-mama hair.


With this stunning look, she’s officially got men’s attention. To be honest, most fellas prefer either a minimal/no make-up to a certain extent (male preferences of attractiveness may vary). I assume that this is the type of girl (with her natural look), men would want to take home to their ‘mommas’. The type you see in the office, in the bars, family gatherings, restaurant…you know, the decent conservative-classy-sexy chica.

With this new look and upcoming album that is taking Miss Minaj back to her rap roots, it marks a new beginning into the rap queen that she was always been. Besides, every woman goes through stages of experimentation of different looks that were considered trendy at the time or in her case, appealing to the international market (i.e. mainstream pop). Definitely see the quirky-funky-Japanese chicks liking her Black-Barbie-Gaga wardrobe.

As you grow older, reality hits that not every style, beauty and make-up trend suits everyone. One of the greatest errors many make-up experts/bloggers state is that many women get the wrong foundation and don’t acknowledge their dark and light areas around the face (and apply it wrong). I understand that Black women find it harder to get the correct foundation and therefore go to beauty brands that cater to their skin type (Sleek, Iman, Blackup, Mac). I understand now that L’Oreal and other mainstream beauty brands who cater to the predominately white European market are trying to gain female customers from other ethnicities e.g. True Match Foundation range.

Her look of natural beauty makes remind us that we’re beautiful and that we have to still look after our God-given-skin (ain’t no brother gonna want some girl with skin drought). Knowing what compliments your skin, face and body shape does take time, with a few trial and errors.

‘Naturale is beautifale homie’.


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