Kim Kardashian’s Vogue Cover: The Support, Love and Backlash

Distraction was about Kim Kardashian having to be the first reality star to be on the global fashion bible VOGUE.


Many of us Kim lovers are ‘feeling it’. Yes, we feel the love between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, we feel the glamour from Kim’s face…

Then the so called ‘hater’ Sarah Michelle Gellar ‘kissed her teeth’ with her tweet about cancelling her subscription. The amount of Kim’s celeb ‘homies’ that gave back their sharp tongue at the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ star.

Many blogs, newspapers and magazines have labelled Gellar’s tweet as cruel, but I wonder if cruel is an understatement. What does this mean of our new world of reality television? Does this mark the beginning of reality show A-listers getting big spreads? It’s arguable that Gellar is hinting to everyone the foundations to Kim Kardashian’s success. Yes, she’s entrepreneur, fashion designer, billionaire etc — besides that…

Whatever you may think, she’s certainly set the bar high for other reality- show wannabes. ‘#started from the bottom now she’s here, started from the bottom and now she’s still here # ‘ (my take on Drake’s track). Hey, sister has roughly 12 million followers, engaged to the ‘god’ rappers in the game and has stack of cash. Therefore, Gellar’s slam is another shove up her backside. However, I do hope that Kardashian’s past doesn’t haunt her again. Remember Ray J’s track ‘I Hit It First’? Ah man.


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