So I’ve Taken A Break From Looking At Internships…Now I’m In Full Mode Again To Reach My Dream

I was fed up of being searching so I took a break. I didn’t get that MTV Talent & Music internship, which is a good thing. God has a reason for everything. I guess this is the best time to apply for the Celebrity Team Internship at Marie Curie.

I know, I know. The economic climate is not helping, but why look into statistics to dictate your life. It’s an mental enslavement to make one depressed, poverty-stricken and comfortable in where there are. I even had so much enlightenment with my Black history with the explosion and controversy from film “Hidden Colors”. The first time I heard that Black people were in the Bible was from Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo from KICC, where he stated that Cush came from Ham and Canaan was the one that got cursed (backing up with historical facts that he was Black). He explained that Nimrod was the first to established society with Babel…you get my drift.

The discussion about this will be featured in a post after Inside Movies have reported that the movie “12 Years A Slave” will be taught in schools. I’m thinking of calling it “Hidden Colors” + “12 Years A Slave” = Your Hidden Black History. It was a sense of enlightenment of things that I’ve already knew and didn’t know. It’s amazing.

Nevertheless, I continue to be resilient. Therefore, let’s get tuck in to establishing my career.


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