Neknominate – WTF (What The Foolishness)?

Place the neknomination on your list of 2014 craze folks;  alongside the twerk and harlem shake  in 2013. The drinking  trend has taken off like a firecracker already with an emerging death toll (which will continue to rise).

It has added a bit of spice in the so called ‘drinking games’ you have with your friends at the pub. Online social media has invaded and WE ALL KNOW how it’s has been intertwined with our daily lives, like taking regular #selfies (I’m guilty of this one, but I’m not vain as other people). The sad part is even the young kids/teens are participating in it,  getting cheap alcohol drinks from the supermarket in order ‘to be down’ with the adults. Ever since the originaation from a Australian rugby star, the nekocompetition has escalate as to who can do it better with international adaptations such as neknominating upside down, on a water slide mixing alcohol together with some hot spices, mixing it with everyone’s oral bacteria (gross)…oh yeah and you have to nominate someone too!

Erm, apologies for you cats enjoying your fun time with the a-a-a-a-alcohol, but are you aware that a pint is equivalent to 8 gallons (according to what I learnt doing metric conversion in my secondary school days)?  Is this craze going to mark the beginning of more craziest antics in our digital world? Afterall, the only difference with the twerk, harlem shake and neknominate is safety — excluding the criticisms. There’s a thin line between life and death with game, especially with one’s gulping a-a-a-a-alcohol   far beyond their body’s intake in minutes or dangerously seconds. Especially for these young teens whose bodies are still developing.

It’s the foolish craze of the year so far and goes to show how stupid we are as human beings sometimes.

My advice avoid being part of the foolishness. You don’t want to die having fun with the juice do you (whilst being filmed) do you? God forbid.


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