Music Monday: Rachel Kerr – The Flawless Singer With The ‘Beyonce’ Voice

Rachel Kerr, Rachel Kerr, Rachel Kerr! Many of you know that she can sa-n-n-n-n-n-n-ng. Weirdly, she’s sounds like Beyonce (even though she doesn’t mean to, it just happened). Hearing about her for the first time? Please continue reading as I give a quick bio-edit about the UK native, who’ll soon be big in the music scene.

I saw her perform at the FLAVOUR LIVE gig in 2011. I tell you peeps, she even sounds stunning in real life. Always giving it her all every single time. Yes, we are talking of the same girl that supported Brandy at Musicalize as well as ILUVLIVE last year.

Before then, she was on “Stars In Your Eyes” at the tender age of 15! Them Nokia bricks; mobile phones have come such a long way…

The aftermath of her appearance on show made her to launch herself as an artist on OHTV on the “It’s All Good” with ‘Walk With Me’ and her famous ‘Hold Her Hand’.

Still being humble and resilient, she’s been highly rated by fans and has even performed at the Bill Clinton Foundation. That ‘Hold My Hand’ video attracted 110,000 on the What I don’t understand is why is Kerr still underrated? I hope that this post ends the understatement. From me and the Kerr team (her fans), she’s the next international talent that is arising  from the UK shores since Amy Winehouse, Leona Lewis and Adele. I even believe that Jessie J doesn’t get enough credit as to how great she is as a singer/songwriter. She’s been in the game since she was 16…

Resuming back to the fabulous Rachel Kerr, the Kerr team are praying hard to see this missus become MEGA. While everyone was buzzing over the return of Queen B, the UK native has been making her mark on the US; performing alongside the likes of  J.Holiday and doing shows for BET

Once again I repeat myself  to those hearing about this talent woman. Firstly, may I ask WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU?

Secondly, now you’re in the know, watch these videos of her wonderful work.

Thirdly, subscribe, sign-up and follow her via social media.

And finally, get a copy of her new EP “Getting Started”, which is available on iTunes.

She’ll definitely give Beyonce a run of her money and she just getting started. Therefore, watch out for her next move folks, because I can guarantee that she’ll soon become music critics’ top choice. ❤ ❤ ❤


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