NYFW Series: A/W 2014 Quick Style Notes

Next stop in the fashion tour is London. Before then (which is tomorrow), let’s look at the possible trends for this autumn/winter.

Oversized Coats will be a profit next season.Whatever the shape or construction of how it’s been designed, be sure to grab one of these for those cold nights. Designers have brought a new meaning to these coats. From Proenza Schouler’s use of spongy jacquard to Derek Lam’s intake of bringing elegance to the common autumn/winter essential; there’s plenty of oversize coats to choose from. Remember the bigger the coat, the warmer you’ll be!

 Proenza Schouler

Jason Wu

Those Turtlenecks. Last time I wore one of these was when I was a kid. FF (fast forward) to 2014 and this baby is back; re-editing itself to be featured on crop tops, long dresses, oversized or as seen in Marc by Marc Jacobs, to be overlayed, a new style that will sure be a hit with possibly work wear, while the cropped turtlenecks will be an essential must-have for street fashion, because it can easily be worn with distressed jeans, boots/trainers and a beenie.

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Although, it can be arguably predicted that we’ll see street fashion experimenting with the turtleneck being a under layer as intelligently done at Marc By Marc Jacobs. I can see Topshop making this appealing to their consumers.

Wide Trousers: American designers are bagging onto the comfortable option of the wide pant. Again, Hartley’s debut at Marc by Marc Jacobs has given Americans a run for their money, as she’s bringing back the Eighties style trend of wearing socks over these wide jewels!

Whether’s a blazer and trousers or blazer and skirt a suit is a Suit. This trend was a win-win at New York Fashion Week. Have your pick fashionistas! Which one describes you?

Derek Lam

Alexander Wang

Karen Walker

Mini-flared skirts make a comeback. Pow! Goodbye to those long length ones. Take note how designers have made these skirts to fall just below the knee. Look at the bright side folks; at least they’re fashion than the school uniforms ones (urgh, the horror of wearing those).

(Images: http://www.style.com)


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