The Temptations of Channing Tatum, Magic Mike & Male Strippers

Ladies! You know about this right? C’mon now, don’t deny it, you saw Channing Tatum in his muscly beauty in “Magic Mike” right?


While there’s discrimination about female strippers/exotic dancers taking all of the men (making them bad boys), I wonder whether anyone has challenged male strippers/exotic dancers. Still, both sexes are kind of hypocrites and guilty in both ways. Think about it, if a ‘fit’ guy, as in the FYNNNNNNE ones (depending on a female’s tastes and preferences) came along (especially with those hot bods that makes you think bad, bad, things) a few women will pout on him like a dog. Fellas, I know it’s stupid, vain and foolish but er…the competition among the estrogen is evident.


One thing that’s become common with females’ pleasure time, whether for hen-day or fun is male strippers! They’re hot aren’t they? Out there taking each piece of clothing one by one…

Channing Tatum is penning the second film to “Magic Mike” (I wonder whether there’s going to be a third one, because that’s going to be thrice the temptation). Apart from “Fifty Shades of Grey” having its official release on Valentine’s Day next year (when couples get their kinky-freaky somethin’), lovers of Mr Tatum (like moi, he’s a fine white-choco-lattes man, his wife is one lucky missus) will be excited for the next adventures of the three males strippers once again. Props to Tatum though, because I understand how society view dyslexic people as ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’ when really, they’re the most creative people on earth (I have a friend who I view as amazing).

His best role yet: Channing Tatum gave fans an inside look into his creative process as he sat down to pen Magic Mike 2

Image: via Channing Tatum’s Instagram

But to be honest, most us ladies should really think about this? Why did we watch Magic Mike? What was our reason? Was it:

a). Channing Tatum

b) To see some hot bodies, to drool and pleasure over

c) Indiscreet passion or pleasure

I’ll answer for you…c. Although, many of you would combine say b/c. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that seeing a guy with a athletic build figure (like they did in the empire times) does make us feel hot under the collar. Unfortunately, too many females  test a guy’s strength with his physical appearance…even though I believe a man’s intelligence shows his strength…despite having dreams of being hugged/carried by a rugby/footballer/soldier, basically anyone that has muscles. Shucks on my part (LORRRRD have mercy chil’).

A message to the fellas: if you do what you do to look good, eat healthy and feel that you are a king in your own castle, then you’ll surely swoon any lady that’s within your fancy. 😉

From as far as I know many of you grade the film as stupid. Similarly as we women grade your passionate relationship with sports, cars and video games (laughs) LOL.


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