Music Monday: Man! If You Don’t Know About Esmée Denters, Here’s The Place…

There’s been a diverse shortlist from the biggest music brands about the new music stars for 2014. Still, there are OTHER upcoming artists that have given the music world a run for their money. Raleigh Ritchie, Sasha Keable, Shakka and Esmée Denters (aka Esmée Deets from now on) are a few of the understated that have been highly recommended across radio stations, publications and television channels. I have an expectation that these four, as well as others will be making headlines at the biggest music festivals this year. #KYEP (keep your eyes peeled).

I wish I can rabble on about the amazing artists that I’ve blogged about on here, but today it’s all about Esmee Deets.

She’s worked with the legendary Justin Timberlake – yes, THE Justin Timberlake…Hmm hmm, the one who’s still got that swag with the “20/20 Experience” album…the fact alone shows her potential. Oh and get this — he discovered her after her  DIYoutube song covers!

I didn’t even know (until now) that she sang “Outta Here”. I recall that I always used to hear the song at certain retail stores…sucks on my part (laughs).

The girl that the pop world got a glimpse of has returned to continue her life book of accomplishing BIG in pop. She has every singers’ dream of having to work with the biggest…no wait, MEGA artist in the game. Immediately following up her discovery, she got signed to Tennman Records/Interscope Records. So you could say that it’s like another Justin Beebs story-to-stardom all over again!

Her first video was a stepping stone to developing a fan base of approximately 200k (and counting) in her social networks. FF (fast forward) to 2014 and already she has new songs and on her second album! The next stage now is global domination, with her first performance at no other than the Showcase Live in London town. Whoop! Whoop! Cheerio!

She’s given us a glimpse of her new material with this original song.

Viewing her recent song covers, I have an awesome feeling that her new ‘stuff’  will be amazingly-soulful-fabolouso (snap for the kids people, snap for the kids). 😀



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