Short Survival Guide of The Fashion Sales Season

Since the recession, sales are always upon us almost 365 days in a year. Long gone are the days when sale season occur twice every year. You also have half-price and mid-sales; with Boxing Day and January Sales being the biggest purchasing events for many shoppers (because you get up to a 75% slash).


With majority of us scrimping on ‘dough’, it’s no surprise that many would rather spend less on things that are expensive. Take Selfridges Sales. Whether on Boxing Day or in January, the store’s maniac. There were even reports of shoppers camping overnight in order to take advantage on their 70% off shopping event.

We can all acclaim ladies, that the one thing we hate is when you’re shopping online, see something that you like (which you can’t afford), place it in your basket in order to wait for the price to be reduced; only to find out (once you get your pay) that it’s sold out. Physically wise, it’s a survival of getting nice bargains, because we can all agree that only a few fashion brands have amazing sale items.

Apart from a tug-o-war fight between two customers, here are are better tips of making most of the sales…without physical violence.

1. Be selective on what you buy

I understand that there’s an adrenalin involved once Boxing Day hits. However, don’t blow your money out of proportion. Many fashion brands place some of their A/W (as well as S/S) lines into the bargain box. Therefore have a good browse. Debenhams have amazing bags with their designer brands. If you’re lucky, you can even get good bargains on their clothing, shoes and accessories too. River Island, H&M, New Look, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Primark have some exclusive finds and still have amazing shoes left in their clearance section.

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The Floozie Blue Handbag from Debenhams £22.50

2. Check out markets and small fashion outlets

These are the best places. They get the unwanted stock from major high-street labels and slash the price to minimum  of £5! Plus, they have interesting pieces if you want to stand out from the crowd. Top markets such as Bow and Brick Lane are the best places. Otherwise, do browse around in your area or places that are nearest to you.

3. Keep your eye out on exclusive offers

Alongside the big sales, companies also take advantage of promotions and offers. However, access each offer that best suits your needs (or pleasure). If you have a budget STICK TO IT.  Majority of these exclusive deals are for a limited time only. High-end high-street department store House of Fraser advertised on TV about their blue cross sale, I believe Next also does this as well. So be alert.

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These Forever 21 Boots were slashed to £15.00 (previously price was £34.50).

4. Take advantage of your wish/need list

Is there a designer product you’re thinking of purchasing at better bargain? Or are you looking to spend less on your everyday essentials? The sale season is a good place. Be sure to see a huge range of coats, jackets, shoes, boots and possibly dresses, denim and knitwear.

5. Finally, get essentials that will be on trend for next season

I know that it’s way ahead of time but they’re some pieces that are predicted to be on trend. For example, WSGN has forecast that the return of the ‘luscious florals’ will be in full swing and since Spring/Summer Season colours are always bright, strong and primary, it’ll be good to purchase a few things from the sales.

That’s my short survival guide folks. Enjoy your shopping trip!


#fashionlover #fashion #newlook #clothes #bargains #florals #plussize the Koko Purple Dress went down from £42 to £15. You’ll see it in full glory soon…well, once #spring come that is.

Koko Purple Flower Dress £15 (was £34.00) from New Look (


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