Is Justin Beebs On The Verge of Becoming Like Vanilla Ice? A Fall-From-Stardom Grace Debate

Ever since he has announced his retirement, his journey to the new relaxation of life hasn’t gone smoothly. In fact, it’s a plane-crash that many would say was about to happen.


His pitfall began with the drug allegations of cocaine and marijuana after that CIA/FBI raided his house, with his car arrest following up his criminal record and then his provocative pic of him sucking on a stripper’s fake ‘babaloos’ with his friend Khalil Sharieff (read article here). Nice :/

Many former Belibers are not pleased to see this new Mr Beebs and have therefore, taken extreme measures to pray for him; wishing for the ‘old one’ (that has swoon their hearts with his songs, nice physique and dance moves) to return. Alongside devastation, there have been conspiracies, assumptions and rumours as to what has lead this nice white-choco-latte to fall from stardom-grace.

After a joke discussion with my younger sisters, one perceives that he’ll end up like Vanilla Ice. I began to reflect on that statement and began to dig around for some ‘stuff.’Hence why the long blog title.

Looking into the legal events with Vanilla, it could be said that they’re on the same page of getting in trouble with the law. However, Justin Beebs case reminds us how damaging and dangerous criminal moves such as assault, drugs and getting kinky alongside friends can have on a singer’s music career. Remember Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna (even though conspiracies claim that Rihanna used that opportunity be become famous after getting sympathy from the public)?

Vanilla Ice has also been charged with vicious assaults from his wife mostly, in addition the road restrictions. Nevertheless, the aftermaths of these events have barred Ice from returning to the music industry. In a funny way, there were times that the wife bared ‘false witness’ on her husband.

Justin Beebs has become a global name. He was dubbed to be the next Michael Jackson and is from the generation of social media. He won the hearts of many girls and dated Selena Gomez. Shame that he’s beginning to go off the rails. Chris Brown was also a sweet hearthrob when he launched his first music video ‘Yo’, but he’s missed his mark to being big after is assault on Rihanna. On one end, people think that Justin Beebs has been set up. Afterall, his friend Lil’ Zane is going behind bars (I’m assuming that he’s black). Many think that there’s a hidden society out there to get him to return to the music industry. Otherwise, he’ll see no rest. Defenders of Beebs on the other hand, would think that he’s doing what a 19 year old would do.  You know, getting laid, try drugs, have tattoos, reckless driving, piercings…just be a right dick. I remember when one of my friends recalled about the womanizing ways One Direction were when they became globally known; from taking girls to their hotel rooms to their illustrated body work. It’s a normal for these young men to go off the rails. Men take time to grow from ‘boys’.

Beebs has prospects of transitioning his career towards the movie industry. I don’t know about this but er…Beebs better fixed up man! These friends he has, he has to push them away because they keep getting him trouble. At the end of the day I don’t want him to be the next Vanilla Ice.



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