Films 2014 (DESTINED BLOCKBUSTERS) EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Transformers’ Sinister Extinction is HERE!

As American football enthusiasts were pumped for the Super Bowl extravaganza on Sunday, movie marketers slotted in trailers for future movies behind the mascots, cheerleaders and of course FOOD.

Most talked about in the movie world is the release of the next saga to  “Transformers”. Fans were left devastated when Optimus Prime had to destroy his role model after hearing that he’s allied with the Decepticons in “Transformers: Dark of Moon”. With the battle with the Autobots and Decepticons on loose ends, the public tune in once again as the nemesis breed continue to fight for their domination on planet earth…bringing along a host of their devious animals, other soldiers and terror (durr, see the logo).

They want to irradiate human life, killing everyone and everything in it.

With the new chapter commencing on eerie grounds, a new cast, robot upgrades and plot have all been executed. Watching the trailer makes me puzzled as to how Bay is going to continue on in this second trilogy. The trailer alone has got many fans believe in the perception that Optimus Prime gets killed. If that happens, then consider the love for Transformers extincted too.


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