The Return Of Jojo – Mature, Fierce, Sexy & Free

Upon seeing article on my twitter feed, I had to blink twice…and sadly, overlooked it.


Jojo returning to the music scene? ‘Oh my dayz bruv!’ Isn’t it the same girl that caused controversy with her age (as she was 13) after her single ‘Leave (Get Out)’ earned her an international acclaim as well as her strong R&B vocals?

Her follow up singles, such as ‘Baby Its You’ ft Lil Bow Wow, ‘Not That Kind of Girl’, ‘How To Touch A Girl’ and ‘Too Little Too Late’ were hits in the UK. From a personal perspective, her albums ‘Jojo’ and ‘The High Road’ are still amazing. The selection-of-personal-favourites include ‘The Way You Do Me’, ‘Let It Rain’, ‘Fairy Tales, ‘Homeboy’, ‘Anything’, ‘Good Ol’, ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Get It Poppin’; a bonus track from ‘Too Little Too Late’ single CD.

Before Ariana Grande, she was the first with those pop/R&B voices. Ever wondered what happened to her since 2006? Well, I’ll tell you.

Apart from appearing in the movie “Aquamarine” alongside Emma Roberts, she’s been having lawsuit battles with Da Family/Blackground. Due to this, her voice was muted while other music stars and reality entertainment shows began to invade popular culture. In substitute of her third album, she released a few mixtapes between the years of 2010 and 2012.

Throughout this ongoing battle, she’s been experiencing changes in image and sound. These album covers alone displays her maturity into the artist that she wants to be.



After five years of record label conflict, she’s finally free and has signed to Atlantic.

With 2014 in its ropes, I’m looking forward to what her new material. Notwithstanding, I smell controversy between her and Ariana Grande. The public will begin to pick sides as to who sings best, but it can be argued that Jojo still features elements of pop/R&B from the 00s. Nevertheless, we need to keep watch for what she’ll release with Atlantic Records. Once it’s fresh from the kitchen, then we can debate.

For now Jojo fans, our favourite girl is back. Free, single, sexy and sweet.


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