Victoria Beckham: From ‘Posh’ to ‘Icon’

Victoria Beckham has proved that you can transcend from being a girl in a girl group or WAG to being an icon in the fashion elite.

This places her ahead of Colleen Rooney, Abbey Clancy and a host of others (all of whom that I can’t name).She has created her own designer label from scracth! Parrell to the common ideas of collaborating with retail outlets for the ordinary consumer. Her clothes are worn by A-list celebs and she’s always on the Fashion Week schedule.

There are many girls that have this dream of having a footballer as the idea husband or boyfriend. You’ll have the money to purchase designer products, go on holiday, hang out with other WAGs…that’s where the dream ends. Even now, many women fail to dream ahead, especially if you’re 1/5 or 1/4 of a pop girl group, as you grown older and every member begin to go their separate ways, you begin to reflect and ask yourself ‘What’s next?’

Juggling motherhood, wife, housemaker isn’t easy. Let’s be real, the Beckhams are one big power family. Having four kids whilst being bombarded by the media can be a strain. Throughout the years, both David & Victoria Beckham have continued to stable their reputation in the media, despite the allegations of betrayal, rumours of divorce and breakdown in marriage (anyone recall Rebecca Loos?). Her journey to building her reputation as a fashion designer post-Spice Girlsis shown in a Skype documentary entitled “Five Years The Victoria Beckham”. Every fashion/lifestyle publication such as VOGUE, Marie-Claire and Elle are excited about this exclusive insight, because as we all know, Mrs Beckham prefers to let her designs do the talking.


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